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MRI Qube Property Management

MRI Software is the largest single provider of block management solutions in the UK, with a vast range of leasehold and estate management functionality at the core of MRI Qube Property Management. Over 75 ARMA members are currently using Qube PM block management software to help run and grow their business.

Supercharge MRI Qube Property Management with Fixflo

Enhance your repairs and maintenance processes with Fixflo and MRI Qube Property Management (PM) to:

  • Deliver a competitive experience that meets the ever-changing needs of today’s clients
  • Improve business processes that unlock additional capacity that provides for greater profit margins or business growth

How you will benefit integrating MRI Qube PM with Fixflo

  • Receive repair requests from occupiers through Fixflo’s market leading reactive repair reporting directly into MRI Qube PM
  • Seamless sharing of data between systems such as properties, unit, occupiers, leaseholders, contractors/suppliers and address details.

How the integration works

For Fixflo Basic users, the integration empowers your occupiers to report repairs seamlessly into your MRI Qube PM system. This can be standalone i.e. accessed directly from your website without a requirement to login or alternatively via both MRI Qube PM tenant portal or the MRI Engage resident portal.

The information submitted is then automatically imported into MRI Qube PM as Calls in the Maintenance Management module against the correct occupier. If Maintenance Management is not being used then the information is imported as Diaries in MRI Qube PM. This means your block managers will have all the right information for a repair request in just the right place, without having to input the data themselves.

For Fixflo Professional users, the integration enables block managers to manage all reactive and planned maintenance activities through Fixflo, including but not limited to works instructions, contractor management and certification, planned maintenance portfolio compliance.

In relation to this integration, the expectation is that all maintenance is managed through the Fixflo platform with MRI Qube PM being utilised for all financial administration and service charge allocation.

The integration will create in the same way as the Fixflo Basic integration, a Call within MRI Qube PM for reference which will be tagged as being dealt within Fixflo.There is the availability to sync data from MRI Qube PM into Fixflo, for example, if a new building is added in MRI Qube PM this will be created within Fixflo. The same will occur for your contractor base.

Once an issue has been completed and closed within Fixflo, the integration will then upload all the relevant costs and details of the issue back to the Invoice Register within MRI Qube PM to allow for the allocation of the invoice against the correct service charge.


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