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About Kaptur

Kaptur is a property reporting app, allowing you to create detailed inventories on the go. It has been designed by inventory specialists, collecting high levels of detailed information without compromising on quality. Kaptur is supported by a comprehensive web-based management and editing suite, enabling you to book, allocate, track and invoice jobs. Reports can be stored online, ensuring you have a robust compliance trail.

Integration features

  • Automatically send dilapidations in the checkout report to Fixflo as reactive repairs requests
  • Easily outsource some or all of your property inspections to No Letting Go clerks
  • Automatically transfer repair issues to Fixflo as you conduct inspections on the go


  • Established property reporting software provider with 14+ years' experience
  • Streamlined inspections and property management processes
  • Ensures your inspection management processes are GDPR-compliant