Inventory Hive allows you to create unlimited property inspection reports via desktop or app. 

You can mass import all of your property & resident data into your Inventory Hive account via a CSV import tool.

The Inventory Hive & Fixflo integration is completely free for Inventory Hive users.

About Inventory Hive

Inventory Hive provides market-leading paperless management of customisable property inspection reports with audit-trailed resident feedback and 360° virtual tours under one roof. The property reporting platform comes with in-built paperless workflows. It’s designed to create the fairest and most efficient way of agreeing safety compliance,  condition, and cleanliness. From check-in inventories to check-outs and interim visits in-between, these workflows are covered without the need for third-party electronic signature software. It also allows you to flag items for repair and send them directly to your Fixflo system.

Fixflo partner page - Inventory Hive

Integration features

  • Flag items for repair and send them directly to your Fixflo application with a click of a button.
  • Tackle issues quickly by flagging maintenance issues raised by residents during your move-in InventorySign® feedback cycles.
  • Flag Fixflo maintenance issues via your App during ‘Interim Visit’ and ‘Check-out’ report creation.
  • Send issues when raised or upon completion of your report.
  • Group issues individually, per report or per room.
  • Inventory clerks with multiple Fixflo agents can set numerous credentials – meaning numerous clients can choose to send the maintenance issues you identify to Fixflo.


  • You can create property inspection reports and 360° virtual tours under one roof through the Inventory Hive app
  • Completely paperless audit railed resident feedback process designed to reduce deposit disputes and captured residents' signatures digitally
  • Unlimited users, report creation and cloud-based storage