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How to Digitise Your Repairs and Maintenance Process Inclusively



5 Tips to Turn Boring KPIs into Actionable Data

kpis, coronavirus


8 Things Landlords & Agents Should Know about Universal Credit


Since the COVID-19 crisis began, nearly two million applications (as of 4 May) were made for Universal Credit, which is a payment to help with your living costs if you’re on a low income or out of...

4 Key PRS Changes Caused by COVID-19


As the impact of the COVID-19 outbreak continues to be felt across the world, new rules relating to housing have been put in place, some of which have redefined the UK rental landscape...

The Missing Pieces to Your Lettings Puzzle

PropTech, property technology, coronavirus


Coronavirus: Repairs & Maintenance Should Carry On, Says Government

repairs, property maintenance, planned maintenance, proactive maintenance, repairs process, coronavirus


What's the difference between a PMS and repairs management software?

repairs and maintenance management software, property technology, repairs software


What should a repairs report template include?

repairs software

LET’S talk about repairs. The bane of every landlord’s life – some days it can feel as though the only contact you have with your tenant or managing agent is via one repairs report or another. But...

COVID-19 Government Financial Support Explained

business growth, lettings agents, coronavirus


Novel Coronavirus and Safety Certificates (Updated)

coronavirus, gas safety certificate

This guest post has been updated with reference to government guidance available on 25 March 2020.

Lettings & Property Management in the Age of COVID-19



Fire Safety Recommendations for Block Managers

risk assessment


Changes in Holding Deposit Requirements for Welsh Agents and Landlords

deposits, Wales


The Past and Future of Commonhold in the UK

block management, leasehold property, commonhold

NORMALLY the new year signifies the throwing out of the old and the beginning of the new but for the UK housing industry, it looks like a return to the past as the government investigates...

Attract More Landlords: Understanding Online Marketing Insights

Attracting Landlords, Digital Marketing Tips For Landlords, how to attract landlords to my letting agency

In the digital age, marketing information revealing customer online footprint and content-consumption behaviour is paramount to the success of any marketing strategy. Letting & sales agencies are...

Everything You Need to Know About Management Orders

HMO, Property licensing

Let's start with the basics. What is a management order? When might the council use one? Put simply, these are legal devices enabling a council to take over the running of a property. There are a...

Key Regulatory Changes Affecting Letting Agents and Landlords

Lettings Industry Regulation, Letting Agent Blog, Letting Agent Tips, landlords, lettings agents


Will Tenants With Pets Be Better Off in 2020?

Letting Agent Blog, landlords, government, tenants with pets, pets, tenancy agreement


Product Care Gives Their Advice for Keeping Your Appliances in Good Condition


Product Care are always on hand for landlords and letting agents with their unique Repair or Replace service enabling them to easily repair a tenant’s broken appliance cost-effectively or indeed...

How to Make Your Rental Property Wheelchair Accessible

Private Rented Sector, wheelchair-friendly, accessible homes

In 2018 the Equalities and Human Rights Commission found that 93% of homes in the UK were not wheelchair accessible. As a result, 365,000+ disabled people currently live in buildings that are not...

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