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5 Quick Hacks To Win More Instructions

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New business is the lifeblood of any lettings agency, and competition for it is fierce. In order to stay ahead of the pack and generate more new business, any decent agent should be spending the...

Winning Tenants Over with Fixflo

Winning New Instructions, Repairs and Maintenance Software

Our customers are showing us the love...

We love feedback from clients, and lately they've been gushing.  Our reviews page is chock full of customer feedback!  We received an email today that...

New Award To Recognise Best Letting Agencies

Winning New Instructions

Guest Post By Mal McCallion of raterAgent

Fixflo has teamed up with raterAgent to provide a unique, 'Letting Agent of the Month' award that celebrates the best quality lettings service in the...

2015: The Year That Will Change The Industry

Retaliatory Evictions, Winning New Instructions

" The price of doing the same old thing is far higher than the price of change." - BILL CLINTON

Making Valuations Count

Winning New Instructions, Letting Agent Tips, Repairs and Maintenance Software

“There is only one boss. The customer. And he can fire everybody in the company from the chairman on down, simply by spending his money somewhere else.”

Four Simple Steps To Win More Instructions

Winning New Instructions

We have spent the past few months travelling the UK and speaking with hundreds of estate agency and letting agency directors.

Do you want more instructions?

Winning New Instructions, Letting Agent Tips

Every week we get at least one call from a letting or estate agent asking the same question: “how do I grow my business?”

Property Management: Your Chance to Shine

Winning New Instructions, Letting Agent Tips, Repairs and Maintenance Software

If you turn the pages of a newspaper these days, you will notice a raft of stories on the rental market from costs, regulation and property standards

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