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How to Stay Connected to Tenants When Bad Weather Strikes

Tips for Tenants, Property Inventory, property maintenance

Bad weather is bad business for landlords. In America the costs of Hurricane Harvey are expected to run to $160 billion dollars, and these damaging storms aren’t confined to the other side of the...

What Do Customers Want From A Letting Agent?

Tips for Tenants, Letting Agent Blog, Repairs and Maintenance Software

More than 200 estate agents have opened in London in the past year, and with the emergence of online agents, competition is at its peak. Improving customer service should be a priority for every...

6 Summer Maintenance Tips

Tips for Tenants, Letting Agent Blog, Repairs and Maintenance Software

They say ‘make hay while the sun shines’ – an adage that definitely applies to the rental property game. Summertime is the perfect time for landlords to focus on maintenance issues, both big and...

What Do Millennial Tenants Want From A Rental Property?

Tips for Tenants, Letting Agent Blog, Repairs and Maintenance Software

With generation rent now making up a significant portion of the rental market, landlords should be prioritising the things that millennials prize when it comes to home hunting.  Focusing on the...

Life for Rent--Being a Tenant in my Thirties

Tips for Tenants, Landlord Tips

Returning to London after living abroad

Returning home to London after four years living abroad, I’ve rejoined a group that I never thought I’d be a member of again – Generation Rent. I was lucky...

Now's the time to buy--Across the country, it's cheaper to buy a home than rent one!

Tips for Tenants, Long Term Tenancies

A new survey commissioned by Santander has landlords quaking in their boots this New Year. It claims that, countrywide, it’s cheaper to buy a property than to rent one. With the average monthly rent...

10 Easy Hacks For Tenants To Win At Renting

Tips for Tenants

With rental properties being snapped up like hotcakes in a frantic market, there’s definitely an art to being a good and successful tenant. So, from first viewings to taking occupancy, here are our...

Rental Costs Are Spiraling Out Of Control

Tips for Tenants

Tenants were dealt another punishing blow this month, when it was revealed that rents are rising at the fastest rate for more than two years. Those renting privately saw prices rise by 6.3% per cent...

Student Lettings From A Tenant's Perspective

Student Lettings, Tips for Tenants

As a recent graduate from Leeds University I remember driving up the M1 to my halls and seeing a sea of cars filled to the brim with duvets, pots and pans and the head of a parent poking out. 

Is man's best friend a landlord's best friend?

Tips for Tenants, Letting Agent Tips, Landlord Tips

While, statistically speaking, pet owners are likely to be happier than their animal-free alter-egos, letting a property to a tenant with an animal entourage can be a dog’s life for landlords....

Inspect Away Your Problems

Tips for Tenants, Landlord Tips

They may live there, but it's your responsibility to provide a safe environment. If you don't see, you don't know.

Social Media: Top Tips For Estate & Letting Agents

Social Media Tips For Letting Agents, Tips for Tenants

1. Timing

Timing is crucial to optimise engagement with your messages.

Retaliatory Evictions: YOUR point to prove?

Retaliatory Evictions, Tenancies (Reform) Bill, Tips for Tenants

On 11 September 2014 a comprehensive code of practice (“Code”) for the private rented sector was published.

Social Media for Letting Agencies: Hashtag v Bashtag

Social Media Tips For Letting Agents, Tips for Tenants, Repairs and Maintenance Software

Having your name, brand and message spread by fans to prospective customers at no cost sounds like the dream marketing campaign. However, social media can be a double-edged sword with expectations of...

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