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Everything You Should Know About Section 21

Section 21 Legislation, Section 21


A Brief Introduction to Section 8

Section 21 Legislation, Section 21, legislation, section 8, s8

With the anticipated end of Section 21, Section 8 of the Housing Act 1988 is another way for a landlord to terminate a tenancy. And while it might look easy on paper (unlike Section 21, a Section...

Is the End of Section 21 Good or Bad?

Section 21 Legislation, Section 21, lettings agents, legislation

It’s been a busy year for the lettings industry, with changes to legislation aplenty. We’ve already had the Tenant Fees Act 2019 (aka the fees ban), as well as the introduction of the Fitness for...

How Can Letflo Help Letting Agents Comply With Section 21 Changes?

Section 21 Legislation, Letflo, Section 21, Deregulation Act 2015

Recent statistics released by legal firm Kirwans state that a staggering 70% of eviction notices issued by landlords to tenants have been deemed invalid. [1]

How Can Agents Mitigate the Risk Associated With Section 21?

Section 21 Legislation, Letflo, Section 21, Deregulation Act 2015

To mitigate the risk associated with Section 21, letting agents must be able to evidence that they have taken the appropriate measures to be compliant at the beginning of the tenancy.

What Is A Section 21 Notice?

Section 21 Legislation, Letflo, Section 21, Deregulation Act 2015

Update: The government has announced their intention to abolish Section 21 in early 2019. It is unlikely that the government will remove the law without another legislation to fill some of the...

Section 21 Changes - New Guide For Letting Agents

Retaliatory Evictions, Section 21 Legislation, Landlord Tips

With agencies across England still getting to grips with the fundamental changes to Section 21 we at Fixflo and The Association of Residential Letting Agents ( ARLA) have produced timelines to...

Deregulation Act: Help For Agents

Section 21 Legislation, Letting Agent Tips

From 1 October 2015 there are a suite of changes to the Section 21 process for new tenancies in England.

New Form Of Section 21 Notice: Key Points To Note

Section 21 Legislation


Important Legal Update: Section 21 & Repairs

Section 21 Legislation, Property Ombudsman, Repairs and Maintenance Software

On Thursday 26th March 2015 the Deregulation Act was passed into law.

This Act will fundamentally change the repairs and Section 21 processes for properties you manage.

Fixflo and ARLA, have...

Section 21: Yesterday's Vote In Parliament

Retaliatory Evictions, Section 21 Legislation, Tenancies (Reform) Bill, Repairs and Maintenance Software

Imagine if a failure to carry out repairs meant that a landlord could not regain possession of their property at the end of a tenancy.

Private Rented Sector Reform: Your Voice Counts

Private Rented Sector, Section 21 Legislation, Landlord Tips


On 16 October 2013 the Government announced a range of measures to raise standards in the Private Rented Sector ( PRS) including:

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