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The Missing Pieces to Your Lettings Puzzle

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What Makes Fixflo A Different Proptech Startup?

PropTech, property technology, brand values

We know that the proptech industry is full of start-ups all purporting to do the same thing, and it can be difficult for any one company to stand out. We wouldn’t say that we need any help in...

Improving Communication in a Rapidly Changing Lettings Industry

PropTech, Letting Agent Tips, tenant fee ban

In just a few months, the property management landscape in England will change significantly.

How Proptech Tools Can Make Your Life Easier

PropTech, compliance, audit trail

In property, time is one of our biggest commodities, and with stagnating rents and the much-feared Tenant Fees Bill threatening to squeeze already slim profit margins, agents have to find ways to...

How Lettings Agents Can Expand Into Block Management

PropTech, block management software, lettings industry

Expanding into block management is one obvious way that today’s stretched letting agents can utilise their existing skills to diversify their portfolio. But despite the obvious benefits – not only...

How Proptech Has Changed The Role Of The Property Manager

PropTech, property management software, property manager

As the number of proptech solutions on the market increases (2017 was dubbed "proptech’s breakthrough year" by many) it’s understandable that some property managers might fear that increasingly...

How are the Best Lettings Agencies Using Technology in 2018?

PropTech, lettings industry

You often hear about the idea of trends in different industries - in fashion, you might hear that check patterns are very on trend while, in marketing, nostalgia was the feeling that everybody was...

How Proptech Can Plug the Holes in the Rental Housing Market

PropTech, repairs and maintenance management software, property management

Change is coming. From ordering shopping online to Ubering a ride, downloading a book or tapping out your takeaway order, technology has transformed the way we transact in every other sector,...

Can Proptech be Seen as a Threat to Property Managers?

PropTech, property manager

2017 was undoubtedly proptech's breakthrough year, and 2018 promises to be an even bigger year for it. In the 2017 Fixflo Report, more agents than ever said that they were using some sort of digital...

What Could 2019 Hold for the Development of Proptech and Repairs Software?

PropTech, repairs software

2018 was  something of a breakthrough year for proptech - more solutions and providers are jostling for space in an increasingly crowded marketplace and, as a consequence (and/or a recognition...

Why Strengthened Data Regulations Could Make it Difficult to Find New Landlords

PropTech, Letting Agent Tips, gdpr, compliance

May 25th 2018 will probably be a largely unremarkable day - everyone will be looking forward to the long weekend provided by the Spring Bank Holiday on the 28th, and we’ll probably just be getting...

How Will Proptech Transform the Homes of the Future?

PropTech, repairs and maintenance management software

Smart systems already offer home occupants the opportunity to control their heating, lighting and even music externally, so that if the temperature or mood drops on the commute home, they can...

How Repairs and Maintenance Software Can Save You Money

PropTech, Repairs and Maintenance Software, property management

Agencies that implement repairs and maintenance software save 20% of repairs from even being reported (either by solving them at source or clarifying whose responsibility it is to implement a...

How to Build Your Property Stack with a Best-in-Class Approach

PropTech, property stack

Technology moves at a frightening rate, sometimes. It feels like the property industry has only just got used to the idea of proptech, but it's already developing and changing into something new:...

What is the Future of the Lettings Industry?

Lettings Industry Regulation, PropTech

The lettings industry, for a variety of reasons, appears to be at a crossroads and its future is uncertain. That’s not to say that it’s in danger of disintegration, but it seems on the verge of...

How Can PropTech Help Agents Deal with A Rental Surge?

PropTech, Letting Agent Blog, Repairs and Maintenance Software

One in four households will be privately rented by 2021, according to new research by Knight Frank. But despite a surge of activity in the sector, it’s unlikely letting agents will be able to...

Introducing The Property Stack

PropTech, Letting Agent Blog, Repairs and Maintenance Software

In this blog post, we will be exploring the ‘three waves’ of PropTech which takes us from the late 1980s to the current day. We will also be looking at the current approach, how it is selling...

5 Common Misconceptions About Repair And Maintenance Management Software

PropTech, Repairs and Maintenance Software


How Are Letting Agents Adapting In 2017?

PropTech, Letting Agent Blog

In the face of increased competition, decreased supply and often-inflated expectations, letting agents are adapting in order to survive - and technology is at the forefront.

How Can A Letting Agent Make Use Of A Repairs And Maintenance Software?

PropTech, Letting Agent Blog, Repairs and Maintenance Software

In a market that is starting to feel oversaturated with letting agent software, it can be tempting to tune out of the debate. After all, aren’t all of these fresh innovations simply doing...

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