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Property Ombudsman Conference: 14 October 2015

Property Ombudsman

In just a few weeks The Property Ombudsman will be holding its first ever Conference, focussing on how standards across the industry can be raised.

Important Legal Update: Section 21 & Repairs

Section 21 Legislation, Property Ombudsman, Repairs and Maintenance Software

On Thursday 26th March 2015 the Deregulation Act was passed into law.

This Act will fundamentally change the repairs and Section 21 processes for properties you manage.

Fixflo and ARLA, have...

A £1.7bn Lesson For Letting Agents

ARLA propertymark, Property Ombudsman, Repairs and Maintenance Software

A few weeks ago the UK was landed with a £1.7bn bill from Brussels after a review of EU members’ economic performance since 1995.

What are letting agents and landlords doing about Build To Rent?

Property Ombudsman, Build to Rent Blog, Repairs and Maintenance Software

From the various conversations I have had with agents and buy-to-let investors, from the large if random number of press releases about the private rented sector that hit my inbox, and from the...

The Truth In Black and White

Property Ombudsman, Landlord Tips

You must keep clear and full written (*) records (*) of your relationship with landlords and tenants for at least six years. Those records must be produced when required by the Ombudsman.”

Getting the most bang for your buck!

Property Ombudsman, Repairs and Maintenance Software

With approximately 100 agencies now using Fixflo we have noticed that some agencies are getting more issues reported through their Fixflo website than others. Here are some best practice tips from...

Communication Is King

Property Ombudsman, Repairs and Maintenance Software

As we all know the pace of technological advancement is accelerating. There is an increasing expectation of an immediate response and an instant resolution across sectors. This expectation conflicts...

Prepare for no battle

Property Ombudsman, Repairs and Maintenance Software

The Property Ombudsman ("TPO") Annual Report 2012 makes for surprisingly interesting reading.

Build to Rent

Property Ombudsman, Repairs and Maintenance Software

The first 45 Build to Rent projects have been announced with c.£700m of Government funding allocated.  We give a short overview of the Build to Rent scheme.

Lettings Industry Regulation: ARLA Proposal

Lettings Industry Regulation, Property Ombudsman, Repairs and Maintenance Software

The lettings industry is becoming increasingly politicised.  This is understandable given that the private rented sector has doubled in 20 years and by 2025 it is expected that one third of Londoners...

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