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Coronavirus: Repairs & Maintenance Should Carry On, Says Government

repairs, property maintenance, planned maintenance, proactive maintenance, repairs process, coronavirus


6 Cost-Effective Preventive Maintenance Tips for Rental Properties

property maintenance

Many homeowners moving out of their starter home and upgrading to a bigger house may consider becoming a landlord and renting out their old home for residual income rather than selling it. If this...

5 Ways for Agents to Beat the Tenant Fees Bill

tenant fee ban, property maintenance, property management software

It’s coming, and when it does the Tenant Fees Bill could wipe 20% of agents’ income off their books. ARLA research indicates that letting fees currently make up around one fifth of an agent’s...

Winter Tenant Responsibility Flyer Now Available

property maintenance, tenant responsibilities, winter

With full-on, proper winter just around the corner (how is it nearly Christmas already?!), it's important to ensure that the properties you manage are ready for the cold temperatures and bad...

Boiler Maintenance Checklist Now Available

property maintenance, boiler maintenance

The effect of dropping temperatures on a property have been well-documented, not least by us - our Autumn Maintenance Checklist covers everything property managers need to do in order to prepare...

How Does Property Management Software Simplify Portfolio Management?

property maintenance, property management software, property manager

Property management can be an extremely complex process - dealing with multiple properties, managing multiple tenant demands and keeping landlords up to date, all while trying to find new landlords

What KPIs Should Property Managers Aim to Work to?

property maintenance, property management software, kpis, property manager

When trying to progress a business, it can be easy to fall into the trap of being too abstract when laying out objectives or, conversely, setting too many unrealistic goals. The best way to avoid...

Introducing Re-Leased

Block Repairs and Maintenance Software, property maintenance, re-leased, integrations

Here at Fixflo, we were recently thrilled to be able to announce our partnership with property management platform Re-Leased. Here’s a quick overview about exactly who Re-Leased are, what they do,...

5 Ways for Block Managers to Use Technology to Their Advantage

Block Management Blog, Block Repairs and Maintenance Software, Property Inventory, property maintenance

For block managers coming under increasing pressure from the all-in-one package competition from Build to Rent properties, block management software is the best way stand up to the competition,...

How to Stay Connected to Tenants When Bad Weather Strikes

Tips for Tenants, Property Inventory, property maintenance

Bad weather is bad business for landlords. In America the costs of Hurricane Harvey are expected to run to $160 billion dollars, and these damaging storms aren’t confined to the other side of the...

What Are the Key Things to Consider When Compiling a Property Inventory?

Property Inventory, property maintenance

No matter how strong a tenant’s reference or how cordial the landlord-tenant relationship may be, a comprehensive property inventory is the only way to ensure that a property is returned in good...

5 Property Maintenance Tips for Autumn

repairs, property maintenance, autumn repairs

The leaves are dropping from the trees and school’s begun. Autumn is fast approaching, which means it could be time to put your house in order and shore up the maintenance of your property before...

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