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The percentage of retired landlords entering the buy-to-let market doubled last year, showcasing an influx of silver savers that could dominate the lettings world, according to new figures released...

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AgentPro Users Enjoy 24/7 Repairs Reporting with Fixflo

Letting agency software solution Agent Pro has integrated Fixflo’s award-winning repair and maintenance system. They are one of the many integration partners working with Fixflo.

Tips For Easier Repairs This Christmas

Santa might not be the only one calling this season – don’t forget your tenants this year. 

Tips for Your Tenants Over Christmas!
It’s a time when Christmas woolly jumpers are donned for festive cheer and comedy value, but the statistics from the last week show we may have to start wearing our full wardrobe (comedy or not)...
Do Your Tenants Speak a Different Language?

Nearly 1.7m people don’t speak English as a first language and over 300,000 of them say that they don’t speak English at all or well. [2011 Census figures]