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Key Regulatory Changes Affecting Letting Agents and Landlords

Lettings Industry Regulation, Letting Agent Blog, Letting Agent Tips, landlords, lettings agents


Will Tenants With Pets Be Better Off in 2020?

Letting Agent Blog, landlords, government, tenants with pets, pets, tenancy agreement


How to Increase The Rent

Letting Agent Blog, section 13


How a Gen Z Letting Agent Wins Landlords

Letting Agent Blog, how to win new landlords

We spoke with Josh Walshe, of Walshe’s Property and Letting Agency in Scunthorpe, Lincolnshire. We wanted to find out what his secret was behind the success of both being a new business and being...

Top Tips for Handling Bad Tenants

Letting Agent Blog

In the majority of cases, tenants are great. They are usually the law-abiding guardians of the landlord's property, which is often the biggest investment the landlord would make in their lifetime....

How to Win More Landlords: A Business Strategy

Letting Agent Blog, Letting Agent Tips

In property, the need to progress and attain more resources and as strong a market position as possible is just as important as it is in every other industry. The resource you need to ensure that...

Comply With TPO Code of Practice Changes: You Need to Have This Checklist for Repairs and Maintenance

Lettings Industry Regulation, Letting Agent Blog, repairs and maintenance management software, regulation, TPO Code of Practice


3 Reasons Why Having Clear Processes Will Help You Win Private Landlords

Letting Agent Blog, Letting Agent Tips, lettings industry, lettings agents

Although they are not the easiest things to do, establishing and following robust work processes is important for any business.  This is especially so with letting agencies. They not only help win...

HMO Law Changes Explained in 4 Minutes

Lettings Industry Regulation, Letting Agent Blog, lettings industry, HMO

As it's been months since the extension of mandatory HMO licensing in England, we wanted to reflect on the impact of the changes and look to what the future may hold.

Service Trends to Watch for in the Future of the Lettings Industry

Letting Agent Blog, Letting Agent Tips, future

AS Bob Dylan once said, the time’s they are a-changin’ – and never is that more true than in today’s lettings industry. Even before this month’s Tenant Fee Act, agencies knew they had to move with...

Defining Your Company Values

Letting Agent Blog, Letting Agent Tips, business growth

Why we do what we do, but more importantly, how we do it.

How To Target Landlords To Your Lettings Agency

Attracting Landlords, Letting Agent Blog, Christopher Watkin



Chris Watkin from Landlord Farming discusses the future of lettings and winning landlords.


Most lettings agents will say, "Just get a landlord sat in front of me, let me talk to them...

What Was The Impact Of The Fees Ban In Scotland?

Letting Agent Blog, tenant fee ban

In this post, we take a look at the effects of the fees ban in Scotland. Advocates of the proposed English letting fees ban have pointed to the 'successes' that have surmounted north of the...

How to plan a roadmap for your lettings business

Letting Agent Blog, Letting Agent Tips, business growth, lettings agents

In last week’s article I introduced you to the concept of the agency roadmap. The roadmap is a business plan with nine modules, that when followed will give you a systemised, profitable and...

Fixflo's 10 Essential Letter Templates for Property Managers Released

Letting Agent Blog, property managers, letter templates

Writing a letter was once the only way for most people to communicate without being in the same room, and it was as normal as breathing. One of the most famous epistolary novels of all time, for...

5 Reasons Why Landlords Still Need Letting Agents

Letting Agent Blog, Repairs and Maintenance Software

In today’s cautious market, landlords may be tempted to reduce their overheads and let their letting agents go in favour of managing their property (or properties) alone.

What Do Customers Want From A Letting Agent?

Tips for Tenants, Letting Agent Blog, Repairs and Maintenance Software

More than 200 estate agents have opened in London in the past year, and with the emergence of online agents, competition is at its peak. Improving customer service should be a priority for every...

How Can Property Managers Benefit From Repairs And Maintenance Software?

Letting Agent Blog, Repairs and Maintenance Software

Suitable for letting agents of all shapes and sizes, repairs and maintenance software is one of the most cost-effective and efficient ways of growing and enhancing your business. Streamlining your...

6 Summer Maintenance Tips

Tips for Tenants, Letting Agent Blog, Repairs and Maintenance Software

They say ‘make hay while the sun shines’ – an adage that definitely applies to the rental property game. Summertime is the perfect time for landlords to focus on maintenance issues, both big and...

What Do Millennial Tenants Want From A Rental Property?

Tips for Tenants, Letting Agent Blog, Repairs and Maintenance Software

With generation rent now making up a significant portion of the rental market, landlords should be prioritising the things that millennials prize when it comes to home hunting.  Focusing on the...

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