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Fixflo and Reapit - new integration annouced

Fixflo News Blog, integrations, lettings agents

Fixflo and Reapit are delighted to announce a new Reapit RPS integration 

Technology Partership: PayProp and Fixflo

Fixflo News Blog, property management software, integrations, payprop

PayProp, the industry leader in property payments, is now integrated with Fixflo, the UK’s leading property repair reporting platform. The new technology partnership will allow PayProp clients...

Fixflo Integrations: Introducing Gnomen

Repairs and Maintenance Software, integrations, gnomen

Our series about our integration partners and the fantastic work they do continues today with our celebration of Gnomen.

Fixflo Integrations: Introducing MRI Qube  Software

Repairs and Maintenance Software, integrations, qube global software

Continuing our ongoing series in which we celebrate our integration partners of property management software, all of whom are amazing proptech proponents. Today, we're focusing on MRI Qube...

Fixflo Integrations: Introducing Expert Agent

Fixflo News Blog, Repairs and Maintenance Software, property management software, integrations, expert agent

We've decided we don't shout about our integration partners enough - not only do they introduce us to their customers, which is fantastic, but they also do amazing work in their own right. 

Introducing Re-Leased

Block Repairs and Maintenance Software, property maintenance, re-leased, integrations

Here at Fixflo, we were recently thrilled to be able to announce our partnership with property management platform Re-Leased. Here’s a quick overview about exactly who Re-Leased are, what they do,...

Inventory App Kaptur Integrates with Fixflo

PropTech, Fixflo News Blog, property management software, integrations, property management, Kaptur

Inventory firm No Letting Go's letting agent reporting software Kaptur is integrated with Fixflo to provide repairs and maintenance support to letting agents and tenants alike. The enhanced...

AgentPro Users Enjoy 24/7 Repairs Reporting with Fixflo

Fixflo News Blog, property management software, integrations, agent pro

Letting agency software solution Agent Pro has integrated Fixflo’s award-winning repair and maintenance system. They are one of the many integration partners working with Fixflo.

Fixflo and VTUK: Integration for Better Property Management Software

Fixflo News Blog, property management software, integrations, VTUK

Software provider VTUK partnered up with the repairs and maintenance software, Fixflo, in 2014. The software integration for tenant repair services aimed to make tenant repairs reporting easier...

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