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Everything You Need to Know About Management Orders

HMO, Property licensing

Let's start with the basics. What is a management order? When might the council use one? Put simply, these are legal devices enabling a council to take over the running of a property. There are a...

Stop Anti Social Behaviour or Risk Losing HMO Licences

HMO, antisocial behaviour, ASB


Effective management of anti-social behaviour (ASB) is a common license condition for houses in multiple occupation (HMO). You may question why your tenants’ behaviour should come...

Does an HMO Licence Stick to a Property and Would it Reduce the Sale Value?


HMO licencing is a complicated matter. From the application process to complying with licencing conditions to passing inspections throughout the licensed period, the licence holder has many...

A Complete Guide to HHSRS Assessment and Hazards

hhsrs, HMO


You Don’t Have to Accept All HMO Licence Requirements the Council Asks for



Even the most experienced of Landlords could find it difficult to master all the steps in their application for an HMO licence. The HMO and selective licensing regime is one of the...

3 HMO Key Facts Landlords and Tenants Should Know About


A CASE in which four tenants were able to claim £15,000 (the equivalent of almost a year’s rent) from their landlord has sent alarm bells ringing through the industry. By the tenants’ own...

4 Common Mistakes You Could Be Making About HMOs


Do you rent to sharers?  Are any of the sharers unrelated?  Yes?  Your property could be a House in Multiple Occupation - commonly known as an HMO.

HMO Law Changes Explained in 4 Minutes

Lettings Industry Regulation, Letting Agent Blog, lettings industry, HMO

As it's been months since the extension of mandatory HMO licensing in England, we wanted to reflect on the impact of the changes and look to what the future may hold.

What are the Penalties of Not Getting an HMO Property Licence?

regulation, law, HMO, house of multiple occupancy

Since the new legislation surrounding HMO licensing came into effect in October 2018, councils have increasingly been cracking down on landlords letting homes without the proper licence. Although...

How Do You Apply for an HMO Property Licence?

HMO, house of multiple occupancy

Applying for an HMO property licence sounds straightforward, but there are a lot of things to bear in mind.  Although the HMO license application is designed so that it can be completed by a...

What are the Different Types of HMO?

HMO, house of multiple occupancy

The legislation about what constitutes a house of multiple occupancy (HMO) is quite complex, with different councils designating different things and a raft of exclusions and exceptions to the...

Do You Need an HMO Property Licence?

law, HMO, house of multiple occupancy

Many landlords could find their properties are falling into the House in Multiple Occupation (HMO) category without even realising it. The traditional idea of an HMO conjures up the image of a...

All About HMO Licences and Property Licensing

HMO, house of multiple occupancy

An HMO, or a house in multiple occupation, is a common form of rental property in the UK. By some estimates, there are between 250,000 - 500,000 properties in the UK that could be classified as...

The Hunt For HMO Rental Yields

HMO, house of multiple occupancy

When it comes to returns on investment in property – the more really is the merrier, as the adage goes. Homes in multiple occupancy, or HMOs as they’re more commonly known, have proved to be a...

Lettings Market: The Hunt For Yields

Buy to Let, Letting Agent Tips, Landlord Tips, HMO

Letting agents take note – profits from slicing single houses into multiple flats (known in the industry as houses in multiple occupation or ‘ HMOs’) are falling, meaning that this business model is...

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