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A Complete Guide to HHSRS Assessment and Hazards

hhsrs, HMO


Preventing Fall and Trip Hazards in Rental Properties

hhsrs, tripping, hazards, fall and trip


Fitness for Human Habitation Act (FFHH) - Silent but deadly

fitness for human habitation, hhsrs, law, gas, safety, carbon monoxide

What you need to know about preventing carbon monoxide and other hazardous gases in your property

How To Comply with the HHSRS Regulations on Crowding and Space

Letting Agent Tips, lettings industry, lettings agents, hhsrs, regulation, law, crowding

With The Homes (Fitness for Human Habitation) Act due to come into force in a matter of weeks (20th March 2019), focus has understandably turned to the 29 Housing Health and Safety System (HHSRS)...

Insulate yourself against noise

hhsrs, legislation, noise

WE all lead busy, noisy lives. With the sound of traffic, dogs barking or car alarms a near constant in most cities (and don’t underestimate the sound of the countryside*), it can be hard to...

Protect your property – and yourself

hhsrs, intruder

Landlords must prepare for the Homes Bill – starting with entry by intruder

How Three Little Words Could Represent A Big Opportunity For Letting Agents

fitness for human habitation, hhsrs

It’s no secret: lettings is hard and becoming harder. The game has changed. It’s not about winning an instruction from “X down the road”, there’s a collective game in play with all professional...

How the HHSRS Checklist and Fitness for Human Habitation Bill are Turning Up the Heat on Landlords

fitness for human habitation, hhsrs

As cross-party and government support for it builds, we expect the Fitness for Human Habitation Bill to be passed relatively quickly. In theory, nobody can argue that the formalisation of...

Why the Fitness for Human Habitation Bill Could Hit Agents Hard

fitness for human habitation, hhsrs

As the buzz around the Fitness for Human Habitation Bill (likely to be passed later this year) builds, there’s still a huge grey area about what it will mean for landlords – and agents.

What we do...

Why Do You Need to Know About the HHSRS Checklist?

fitness for human habitation, hhsrs

There's so much legislation that lettings agents and landlords need to be aware of now that it's possible the Human Health and Safety Rating System (HHSRS) hasn't crossed their path. However, with...

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