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High end living at low-end prices

Build to Rent Blog

While Build to Rent projects have long been on our radar, until now they’ve been predominantly concentrated at the top end of the luxury housing market. Finally, the concepts of communal living...

Luxury Living on the (High)Rise

Build to Rent Blog

When it comes to luxury, forget five-star weekends in New York 

Say sayanara to city breaks – London living is what it’s all about. Because now, with a wealth of new high-end high-rise developments...

New Build To Rent Resource From Fixflo

Build to Rent Blog

Build To Rent: Everything You Need To Know

With continual reports over the housing shortage in the UK, and estimates at 250,000 homes needing to be built per year to house the growing population,...

Build To Rent - Coming To A City Near You

Build to Rent Blog

FIRST impressions are lasting ones in the property world. But while landlords and letting agents may have complete control about the state and appearance of their property itself, communal spaces are...

Build To Rent - a help, not a hindrance, to everyone involved in the rental sector

Build to Rent Blog, Letting Agent Tips

Let no one be in any doubt - something must be done to increase the size and quality of Britain’s private rental stock, fast.

Could A Build To Rent Apartment Be Right For You?

Build to Rent Blog

Experts are now predicting that Britain could be on the verge of a rental revolution, as build to rent properties begin to spring up in different shapes and sizes across the country.

Build To Rent: Threats & Opportunities For Landlords and Agents

Build to Rent Blog

It's well known that Britain is in the midst of a housing crisis and with house prices soaring at a rate at which most earnings can’t keep apace, it’s the crowded rental market that’s bearing the...

Online vs Offline? You're Asking The Wrong Question

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What are letting agents and landlords doing about Build To Rent?

Property Ombudsman, Build to Rent Blog, Repairs and Maintenance Software

From the various conversations I have had with agents and buy-to-let investors, from the large if random number of press releases about the private rented sector that hit my inbox, and from the...

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