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Block Management Companies Challenged By Unprofitable Growth

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The Importance of Fire Risk Assessment in Effective Planned Preventative Management

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In the wake of the Grenfell fire disaster, property managers have become more vigilant at instructing their maintenance firms to carry out fire risk assessments (FRAs), however, there is a...

Fixflo Teams Up with Sector Experts to Survey the Leasehold and Block Management Industry

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  • The Fixflo Leasehold and Block Management Market Survey is now open. Block and leasehold management companies and industry suppliers are encouraged to respond to the survey before 31 August, 2019

Why You Need to Keep Leaseholders Happy with PPM Strategy

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What Are Pre-Qualification Schemes?

pre-qualification schemes, block managers

When procuring a contractor for block work, there are a lot of factors to take into consideration as you ensure that the contractor and their employees can work to a high standard without...

How Picture-Based Reporting Can Save Block Managers Time

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AS an industry, we’re all looking for the next way to save time. For block managers, particularly, repairs – chasing, logging and managing them – form one of the major drains on both time and...

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