Trial and Error - Verdict on Edwards Vs Kumarasamy Toppled

It was the case that struck fear into the hearts of landlords everywhere. When Mr Edwards tripped on a communal pathway and injured his knee on the way into the block of flats he was renting a...

ARMA -Q: Stamping Out Poor Practice
Residential property management is increasingly under the spotlight as the c. 5 million flat owners in England and Wales demand a higher level of service and transparency.
14 May 2014 - A key date for leasehold management
For those of you that are familiar with building management, Section 20 of the Landlord & Tenant Act 1985 (as amended by the Commonhold & Leasehold Reform Act 2002), is proving to be a thorny...
Property Management Summit: Day 1!
After a lively start at various bars around Warwick University’s campus including the musical comedic stylings of Jonny Awsum, things settled down today with the first session for property...
Property Management: The Clock Starts Now!
FACT:  Landlords are responsible for certain repairs in rented properties.
ARMA-Q: This affects you!
ARMA-Q is the self-regulatory regime that is proposed for ARMA members.
OFT Investigation: Block/Estate Management
On 3 December the Office of Fair Trading ( OFT) proposed an investigation into residential property management services such as cleaning and works.
Of particular interest to the OFT are:
5 Top Tips For Block Managers For A Happy Xmas!

Lost keys: It’s Friday the 20th December. The festive season is in full swing. Office Christmas parties and late nights with copious amounts of alcohol lead to things going missing.  It shouldn’t...