The Results Are In: What This Means For Agencies

So the pollsters got it wrong, thank goodness.

Tips For Easier Repairs This Christmas

Santa might not be the only one calling this season – don’t forget your tenants this year. 

Tips for Your Tenants Over Christmas!
It’s a time when Christmas woolly jumpers are donned for festive cheer and comedy value, but the statistics from the last week show we may have to start wearing our full wardrobe (comedy or not)...
Do Your Tenants Speak a Different Language?

Nearly 1.7m people don’t speak English as a first language and over 300,000 of them say that they don’t speak English at all or well. [2011 Census figures]

Communication Is King

As we all know the pace of technological advancement is accelerating. There is an increasing expectation of an immediate response and an instant resolution across sectors. This expectation conflicts...