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5 Things You Should Know About Penalties For Breaching Tenant Fees Act

tenant fee ban

The impact of the Tenant Fees Ban to the rental market in England and Wales cannot be ignored. But while everybody knows what it prohibits (fees for supplementary services to tenants) how many of...

How to Reduce The Impact of The Tenant Fee Ban on Your Bottom Line

tenant fee ban, Wales

The ban on tenant fees is fast approaching in Wales and, as in England, is set to have a major impact on agency revenues. 

What Was The Impact Of The Fees Ban In Scotland?

Letting Agent Blog, tenant fee ban

In this post, we take a look at the effects of the fees ban in Scotland. Advocates of the proposed English letting fees ban have pointed to the 'successes' that have surmounted north of the...

Tenant Fees Act 2019: The Frequently Asked Questions

tenant fee ban

With the Tenant Fees Act coming into force in England on 1st June 2019, and the Welsh fee ban due to follow suit in September, there are lots of questions to be answered. We take a look at some of...

The Tenant Fee Bill: A Simple Guide For Tenants

tenant fee ban

Government acts and legislation can be hard to follow sometimes, they can be full of jargon and quite frankly, some stuff we have no idea what it means. So, that's where we come in, we’re here to...

Countdown to the Tenant Fee Act: 5 Steps to Get Ready

tenant fee ban

We might be moving into summer but for the lettings industry (and the Game of Thrones fans amongst you) winter is coming. While we can’t help you save Winterfell (don’t worry that wasn’t a...

Delegating to Digital: How to Beat the Tenant Fee Ban with Technology

tenant fee ban, tenants

They say you have to spend money to make money. But utilising technology (some of which you will already have at your disposal) is a relatively inexpensive way to make sure that the only impact...

Offering a Personal Service and the Tenant Fee Bill

tenant fee ban

NOBODY wants to feel just like a number and we all appreciate the personal touch. For letting agencies, these should be the two takeaways for their business models in the face of the Tenant Fee Act

10 Facts about the Tenant Fee Bill

tenant fee ban, lettings agents

The Tenant Fee Bill. We all know it’s coming – and we all know that from 1st June 2019, we can wave goodbye to any fees for credit checks, references and all the other administrative tasks...

Tenant Fees Bill: What the ban is & what it means for the lettings industry

tenant fee ban

The Tenant Fees Act 2019 is now very much live and in full effect, and with the fee ban here, lettings agents need to make sure they're ticking all the boxes with regards charging fees correctly....

How Should Agents Respond to Today’s More Powerful Tenants?

tenant fee ban, lettings agents, tenants, tenants with pets, future

Tenants in the private rented market have historically had a rough ride including exposure to rogue landlords, being asked asked to pay high rents for less-than-ideal properties and being left...

Improving Communication in a Rapidly Changing Lettings Industry

PropTech, Letting Agent Tips, tenant fee ban

In just a few months, the property management landscape in England will change significantly.

Why You Still Need to be Thinking About the Letting Fees Ban

tenant fee ban

There has been a palpable diminishing of the urgency associated with the letting fees ban over the past few months with the announcement that it won’t be coming in until the beginning or the...

5 Ways for Agents to Beat the Tenant Fees Bill

tenant fee ban, property maintenance, property management software

It’s coming, and when it does the Tenant Fees Bill could wipe 20% of agents’ income off their books. ARLA research indicates that letting fees currently make up around one fifth of an agent’s...

What to Expect From the Lettings Industry in 2018

tenant fee ban, Brexit, lettings industry

2018 could (whisper it) be one of the most exciting years to date in the lettings industry (maybe). Change is in the air - for instance, the Tenant Fees Bill is due to pass through the Houses of...

Tenant Fees Bill Published

tenant fee ban

We’ve known it’s been coming for quite a while now, but today the government published the long-mooted letting fees ban bill, which now has the official title of the Tenant Fees Bill. Among other...

4 Ways To Minimise The Impact Of The Tenant Fee Ban

Letting Agent Blog, tenant fee ban

Now is the time for agents to critically evaluate their business and make the necessary changes. Even though many agencies intend to pass the cost of the letting fees ban onto the landlord, in...

What Are The Likely Outcomes Of The Fees Ban?

Letting Agent Blog, tenant fee ban

Although it’s unclear as to what format the lettings fee ban will take, or when it will be put into effect,it is clear that there are  two likely scenarios emerging and from these, three possible...

What Impact Will The Fees Ban Have On Letting Agents?

Letting Agent Blog, tenant fee ban

First, let’s take a look at the Government’s argument for the fee ban in greater detail. They believe that the proposed letting fees ban will create a “strong, private rented sector, which provides...

What Does The Draft Tenants’ Fees Bill Propose And When Will It Come Into Effect?

Letting Agent Blog, tenant fee ban

On the 23rd November 2016 the Chancellor, Philip Hammond, announced that a government ban on all letting fees charged to tenants would be rolled out across England (a similar ban already exists in...

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