Free Template: Tenant's Deposit Scheme Flyer

Landlords and letting agents are required by law to protect the deposit they receive from the tenant and provide written information to them within 30 days of receiving it. They are also required to keep the deposit in a protection scheme throughout the tenancy. Failure to do so could result in the invalidation of future repossession applications and even financial compensation up to three times the value of the deposit and its return to the tenant.

This FREE Tenant's Deposit Scheme Brandable Flyer allows you to:

  • Customise the flyer with your own logo, contact details and the specific tenancy deposit protection (TDP) scheme you use
  • Simply use Microsoft Word to create your very own flyer
  • Educate tenants before the start of the tenancy about circumstances which can lead to their deposit being deducted
  • Explain when deposits are returned at the end of the tenancy

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