An inescapable fact of life or an avoidable nuisance?

Pests in a property can be unpleasant, time consuming and expensive to get rid of. This How to Prevent Pest Infestations in Your Property free branded tenant guide has been specially created for you to download and share with your tenants as part of their welcome pack when they move in. 

They'll learn about:

  • Different types of pest to look out for
  • Simple but clear tips on how to prevent them

We can all agree that prevention is better than cure and learning which habits are more likely to attract or encourage pests can be a really useful tool. You can download the word document and add in your own company details so it's all in line with your own branding. We hope your tenants find it useful and enjoy pest free homes! 

Download the branded tenant guide for free by filling in the form on the right.


Download the tenant guide here