HHSRS Quick Guide to Carbon Monoxide

The silent killer, carbon monoxide is a deadly hazard that is listed on the HHSRS and FFHH legislation. This hazard can occur in any property which uses gas, wood or other burnt fuel. This isn't a factor that can be overlooked, so make sure you're up to speed with the regulations.

We've taken a look at what the legislation has to say on the matter and what you can do about it, and we've summarised it into one of our easy to read ebooks

Our HHSRS Quick Guide to Carbon Monoxide ebook covers:

  • How carbon monoxide and unspent fuel gases can affect health
  • What are the sources of carbon monoxide
  • How the new law affects landlords and lettings agencies
  • What you can do to protect property from carbon monoxide and comply with the new legislation

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