The letting industry reacts to the Fixflo Report 2018

Industry bigwigs share what they think the  report means for this year. 

When the Fixflo Report was published in October 2018 we knew it had some controversial, and possibly unexpected, points made in it. With responses from over 400 letting professionals and landlords it painted a vivid picture of the current state of the industry and what's expected in 2019. 

We felt it was important to publish a response to the points raised and who better to share their reactions to the Fixflo Report than some of the biggest names in the letting industry? 

The eBook contains responses from:

Each has given their honest feedback on the report and shared what they're planning to do to combat potential issues coming their way in 2019. It's well worth checking out to see if you agree with their points as well as what you can learn from them.

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