Fixflo and AXA Home Emergency Services

On-Demand Contractors

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Peace of Mind

Free access to on-demand emergency contractors 24/7/365

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Emergency Contractors

Fully qualified, vetted, guaranteed and insured emergency contractors

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Exceed Expectations

Keep landlords happy by looking after their occupiers and properties round the clock


Designed for Out-of-Hours Emergencies

Fixflo and AXA Home Emergency Services provide an exclusive on-demand emergency contractor service. It’s been specially designed to supplement your existing contractor relationships, not to replace them.

Here’s how it works: When your tenant reports an issue out of hours through the Fixflo portal they can be automatically connected with a fully qualified, vetted, insured AXA on-demand emergency contractor, without your involvement. You can choose what action is taken for different repairs.

Reliable On-Demand Emergency Contractors

Automate Out-of-Hours Call Outs

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Why You Need
On-Demand Emergency Contractors

When an emergency issue is reported out-of-hours...

With the help of Fixflo, occupiers can report issues 24/7 but most property management teams do not maintain a round-the-clock schedule. When an emergency issue strikes in the middle of the night, either it doesn’t get dealt with until the next time someone is in the office  – in the meantime the occupier may have tried to resolve it themself, perhaps hiring an expensive, unqualified contractor. This cost will be passed on to the landlord who will not be happy with the poor quality, high-cost work. Or, your property manager is woken up and calling around to see if any contractor is available in the middle of the night. Either way, it’s time-consuming and stressful.

Chances are you already have a number of experienced contractors on your books and we don’t want to replace them. This emergency home service is designed to be a support safety net for the rare but inevitable out-of-hours jobs

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