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With Fixflo, you have access to…

Fixflo's Reactive Repair Reporting module illustration - an occupier logging a leak issue on Fixflo

Reactive Repair Reporting

With our repairs portal, residents can report repairs online whenever they need to. 

  • Save time by asking residents the right questions and getting the information you need from the start.
  • Improve efficiency by automatically tracking repairs and connecting with contractors.
  • Drive resident engagement by enabling residents to report repairs quickly and easily in one of over 40 languages.
Fixflo's Work Management Automation Tools illustration

Work Management Automation Tools

Managing your day has never been easier. Our software streamlines your workflow so you can:

  • Track the progress of all your ongoing works.
  • Receive alerts for outstanding tasks.
  • Automate repetitive tasks with clear rules. 
Fixflo's Planned Maintenance illustration

Planned Maintenance

With our work management templates, you can:

  • Stay compliant by automatically scheduling recurring maintenance tasks.
  • Get ahead of reactive repairs by automatically sorting and prioritizing urgent tasks.
  • Gain visibility of upcoming tasks with automatic system alerts.

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