The Building Safety Act: Your questions answered

Recorded on 13 July, 2023

Legal & compliance updates for managing agents - 2023 Q3 Edition

Our Q3 webinar, The Building Safety Act: Your question answered, brings you the information you need to manage the requirements of the Building Safety Act when it becomes law this October.

Join us to find out: 

  • How to tackle the issue of funding, collecting and organising all the information you need.
  • Who the Principle Accountable Person is, and what selction criteria and legal duties are important.  
  • Why the golden thread so important, where you can start, and who can help. 

The webinar is based on the questions we've received from our audience of block managers. 

Meet our panelists:


Nigel has an extensive international career in downstream oil, financial software, and investment banking. He founded a property management company in 2009 and was appointed CEO of the Association of Residential Managing Agents (ARMA) in 2016.



Dorian Lawrence, Managing Director of FRC, has over 30 years’ experience in the building industry and is a Chartered Building Engineer, and member of the Cladding Works – On-site Project Engagement Forum and is currently working with Homes England as an assessor for the Mid-Rise Funding Scheme.



Dr Shaun Lundy is Director of Strategy and Innovation at Tetra Consulting, a large national H&S consultancy, and a Visiting Scholar at the University of Greenwich, School of Design. Shaun also works closely with the Institute of Residential Property Managers (IRPM) and the Association and Residential Managing Agents (ARMA) providing advice, training and support as a member of their respective H&S committees.

Shaun supported Working Group 8, developing the competency standards for the new Building Safety Manager role. Following on from his appointment as Chair of the Occupational Safety and Health Register (OSHCR) Shaun recently joined the Building Safety Alliance that is working to develop a competency register for BSM and others involved in property management.