Tenant's Guide
to Damp & Mould

Customisable Flyer Template

Tenant Guide Damp Mould_LP

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Getting requests about mildew and damp?

Your tenants are best placed to prevent mould-related issues, but they might not know how everyday habits could contribute to damp indoors.

To educate tenants about their responsibilities in preventing damp and mould, you can send a flyer to your tenants using this template.

How to use this template

Make it your own by adding your logo and agency details and include a copy in your standard welcome pack. You can also distribute a copy to all your tenants as a seasonal reminder to:

  • Clarify tenant’s responsibilities and reduce damp-related requests
  • Educate tenants on measures to effectively prevent damp
  • Guide tenants to handle first signs of damp, mildew and mould