How Fixflo Works

What is Fixflo

Fixflo is an online-tenant repair reporting system.

Fixflo enables tenants to report their maintenance issues online; filtering out issues that are an occupier’s responsibility and providing tools and advice for self-resolution. Property managers receive fewer issues and those issues that are received are more accurately described. Occupiers get quicker repairs. Contractors have fewer wasted trips. Owners get better asset protection.

Fixflo is provided as software as a service (SaaS). It is designed to have a minimal set-up and be self-service.
  • There is no installation – the software is accessed as a web-site, each customer having a unique sub-domain
  • Customers pay a subscription to use the service
  • Product corrections and enhancements are free to all customers
  • All customers receive the same product
  • Fixflo can be integrated into existing property management systems through the use of API’s
There are two versions of the system
  • Fixflo Standard supports the tenant repair reporting process. This process allows tenant to report repairs accurately using a picture based decision tree. For more information see key features
  • Fixflo supports all features of Fixflo Standard. In addition Fixflo  provides a workflow and communication platform to allow tenants, contractors, landlords and agents to work together to deliver the appropriate repair for the property. For more information see key features or compare the versions


Visit for an online demonstration of the tenant repair reporting process. For a demonstration of Fixflo, please contact us

How do I register

The registration process is designed to be as simple as possible. You need a valid email address, a password and the name of your organisation The entered organisation name is turned into a valid sub-domain so once you are registered your Fixflo website is immediately ready for use. Your domain name will be shown on the screen and also emailed to you. You will also be directed to your website once registration is complete. If you would like to use a different Fixflo sub-domain to the one allocated, once registered, please contact us.


Promoting your Fixflo website to your tenants plays an important part in the success of Fixflo –  The more that your tenants use your Fixflo website to log problems the easier it will be for you to deal with their repairs. On registration you’ll be emailed some tips on how to get the most out of Fixflo. Here are the suggestions:

  • Add a button to your website to direct tenant to your tenant repair reporting website. Instructions are provided online following registration
  • Email your tenants to let them know about your Fixflo Website. A suggested template email is provided online following registration
  • Add a link to your Fixflo website in your email footer
  • Include a flyer in the tenant welcome pack. This PDF is available to download online on registration

Email deliverability

Email undertakes an important role in Fixflo. If you have any doubts that emails are not being received you should consider whitelisting emails from Fixflo.

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