Increasing Rent with Section 13

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When it comes to setting up a new tenancy, a lot of the focus is put on the rental property, its health & safety risks and its inventory. One aspect that is often overlooked before the start of the tenancy is rent adjustment. Many tenancy agreements still lack a rent review clause which would govern when and how the landlord can increase the rent amount. When this is the case with your tenancy, Section 13 may be the mechanism with which rent can be adjusted lawfully.

This FREE Section 13 Fact Sheet aims to summarise:

  • When should you serve a Section 13 notice
  • How to apply a Section 13 notice to propose new rent and common mistakes when doing so
  • When will rent increase after a Section 13 notice is served
  • What happens if a tenant doesn’t accept the new rent, stop paying some or all of the rent

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