We’re Hiring a Junior Product Owner

Junior Product Owner


This is your chance to join a high performing team in an award-winning multinational B2B SaaS company.  You will have exposure to internal business leaders and a phenomenal advisory panel including the former CFO of Just Eat, a serial entrepreneur who achieved a £100m+ exit and the former COO of FT.com.

The company:

Fixflo develops software for the property industry, and is the market leading software provider for lettings maintenance reporting. Every month tens of thousands of tenants and hundreds of property managers and contractors – across four continents – use Fixflo for quicker and easier repairs. While this product becomes the market standard, new products are set to launch throughout 2019 focusing on block, office and commercial property management, as well as marketplaces and an innovative solutions to regulation compliance. With this pipeline of products, and a network of strategic partnerships through which to distribute them, we are uniquely positioned for rapid growth through 2019 and beyond.

The role:

The Junior Product Owner will be tasked with assisting the Product Owner in gathering, prioritising and analysing the needs of stakeholders of the Fixflo system. They will also support the development team by facilitating the processes that allow the team to largely self manage their work.

The Junior Product Owner (JPO) will report to the Product Owner.
The JPO will be responsible for gathering, understanding, designing and implementing the needs of stakeholders of the Fixflo and Letflo systems.

The Product Owner will work collaboratively with colleagues and end-users in order to accurately design useful features, communicate and present such features, schedule development resources and provide quality assurance.

The JPO is expected to:

  • Assist the Product Owner with prioritisation, design, story writing, requirements gathering, research, and meeting management.
  • Explain stories to the developers and perform user acceptance testing when the stories which were written are completed
  • Act as the primary point of escalation into development
  • Propose, describe and plan changes to the Fixflo system that meet the overall business strategy
  • Support the agile life-cycle, facilitate existing processes and support their improvement
  • Liaise with a range of stakeholders (internal and external) to solicit feedback and suggestions to improve the product
  • Analyse and refine proposed bugs and product changes to establish the underlying problem/need, as well as the value, urgency and likely cost
  • Help provide regular information internally and to end-users, describing new features and how best to make use of them
  • Facilitate the agile life-cycle by managing the application of agreed development processes
  • Be able to clearly, accurately, succinctly, and robustly express their views and reasoning

The Junior Product Owner will be supported by the Product Owner, CTO, graphic design, marketing, testing, customer support and development resources.


  • Developers and the Product Owner are a secondary point of escalation, only through the JPO
  • Bugs and proposed changes will be analysed and triaged to allow the product backlog to remain an accurate and prioritised reflection of customer and business needs
  • There will be a regular flow of information to enable staff and customers to understand and use the Fixflo suite of products effectively
  • The agile life-cycle and agreed development processes will function according to schedule, with minimal need for the Product Owner or CTO to take action
  • The wider team will have clear insight into the pace and progress of development


Qualifications & Experience:

The successful candidate must:

  • Have excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Have demonstrable customer service skills to support them in dealing with customers, prospects and internal stakeholders
  • Be willing to travel to visit customers on premises or present at trade events
  • Be able to translate customer requirements and convey them as a concise summary of the true need and the rational
  • Take an interest in technology, software in particular
  • Be driven to provide a great user-experience
  • Have knowledge of agile software development principles

Ideal candidates will have:

  • Provided post-sales or customer support
  • Received feedback from customers about a product
  • Described business processes and identified efficiencies
  • An excellent understanding of Scrum and Agile, the ceremonies and techniques employed within
  • Good skills and knowledge of servant leadership, facilitation, continual improvement, empowerment, and increasing transparency


Our ideal colleague

Critical competencies (soft skills):

  • Attitude
    • Efficiency (can produce significant output with minimal wasted effort) o Honesty/integrity (does not cut corners ethically)
    • Follow through on commitments (lives up to verbal and written agreements regardless of personal cost)
    • Intelligence (learns quickly)
    • Attention to detail (does not let important details slip)
    • Persistence (demonstrated tenacity and willingness to go the distance to get something done)
    • Proactivity (acts without being told what to do and brings ideas to the company)
    • Organisation and planning (focuses on key priorities and plans/organises/schedules/budgets in an efficient and productive manner)
    • Teamwork (works well with others to achieve a collective goal) o Communication (speaks and writes clearly)
  • Drive
    • Enthusiasm (exhibits passion and excitement over work – a can do attitude)
  • Coachability
    • High standards (expects personal performance and team performance to be nothing short of the best)
    • Openness to criticism and ideas (solicits feedback and reacts calmly to criticism or negative feedback)

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