How to attract talent to the block management industry


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The block management industry is changing - we hear this every day. The question has now become how do we attract the very best people to work in the industry as it will be tomorrow, not as it is today.

This eBook is designed to help answer that question across many areas, including the following:

  • Why should people join the industry?
  • What will qualifications mean for it?
  • How can block management be more attractive to new talent?

These questions are answered the help of several industry experts, each coming at this from a different perspective:

  • Nigel Glen, CEO of ARMA
  • Kevin Fairless, Head of Training at IRPM
  • Colin Cohen of Colin Cohen Property Management
  • Alice Cadfan-Lewis, Director of Block Recruit
  • Zoe Southwell, Senior Recruiter at Block Recruit

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