Quarterly Legal & Compliance Updates for Block Managers

On-Demand Webinar recorded on 02 March, 2021

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Updates affecting block management services

Do you know what legal updates or new case law will impact your block management services? This session covered new case law and legal updates in two areas of leasehold block management:

  • Managing general meetings
  • Apportionment of service charges


This session is the first of our new webinar series with Property Management Legal Services Limited. From service charge recovery to right to manage to property disputes, this webinar series aims to provide you with essential and practical updates so you can stay up to date with important developments in the residential leasehold sector.


Presenter: Cassandra Zanelli, Solicitor & CEO, Property Management Legal Services Limited
Host: Rajeev Nayyar, Managing Director, Fixflo



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Cassandra is widely recognised for her expertise in the industry. Amongst her industry related qualifications, Cassandra is a member of IRPM and an associate of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS). She is a member of the ARMA advisory panel and an honorary consultant to the Federation of Private Residents’ Associations.

Cassandra is a regular speaker at conferences, events and seminars, having worked with leading organisations including ARMA, IRPM, RICS, the Leasehold Advisory Service (LEASE), the FPRA and many more.

She is a leading authority in First Tier Tribunal matters and is regularly called upon to advise and represent our national client base.



Disclaimer: All content presented in this webinar is intended for general information purposes only and should not be considered as legal advice or official guidance.