Building a High Performance Lettings Team

On-demand Masterclass Recorded on 17 Sep 2020

Effective team management is the holy grail of business. Those who have it can extract themselves from the day to day running of their business without adversely affecting its performance.

These days, John doesn’t work in his business, and hasn’t done so for a number of years. As someone who has walked the walk, John will go over his thoughts and strategies which have allowed him to scale his agency into a ten-branch organisation managing over 2100 properties and selling 600+ houses per year. 


  • How to align your team with your vision
  • Tips on getting your team to execute a strategy in the most efficient and effective way
  • How to build a team that performs well consistently


Disclaimer: All content presented in this webinar is intended for general information purposes only and should not be considered as legal advice or official guidance.

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