Tenant’s Guide: Autumn & Winter Property Checklist (Customisable Template)

  • Customise the template with your own logo and contact details
  • Simply use Microsoft Word to create your very own checklist
  • Remind tenants about their property maintenance responsibilities
  • Instructions on simple heating and plumbing maintenance

The Fixflo Leasehold and Block Management Market Report 2019

The Report which was supported by ARMA, MRI Software, News On The Block and Flat Living received responses from more than 170 block management companies. According to ARMA figures, this equates to about one-fifth of the block management market. It examines topics including:
  • Portfolio growth achieved by most block management companies but the workload increase has not translated into profits
  • Views on the regulation of managing agents
  • Key concerns identified by block management companies in the short term
  • Have firms broken into the fast-growing Build to Rent sector?

MEES Deadline Reminder for Landlords – Customisable Template

  • Customise the flyer with your own logo and contact details
  • Simply use Microsoft Word to create your very own flyer
  • Educate landlords that efficiency improvement is not a cost, but an investment for higher rental income
  • Explain the EPC and MEES rules to landlords
  • Remind landlords of the need to gain tenant consent for certain works

Tenant’s Guide: Moving Out Checklist (Customisable Template)

  • Customise the checklist with your own logo and contact details
  • Simply use Microsoft Word to create your very own checklist
  • Set expectations on how the property and inventory should be returned and in what condition
  • Provide a deadline-driven checklist to help stagger a mammoth task into little milestones

Practical Toolkit: TPO Code of Practice Updates

  • Key changes relating to repairs and maintenance
  • How these changes could affect your lettings business
  • Actionable steps for you to follow in order to comply with the changes

EPC: A Complete Guide for Letting Agents and Private Landlords

  • What is an EPC
  • Different Rules Across the UK
  • Exemptions: How to be Exempt from the Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards

Property Licensing Cheat Sheet

  • Introduction to the 4 stages in the licensing cycle of rental properties
  • Top tips on how to prepare so you can sail through your application first-time
  • Printable crib sheet so nothing slips through the cracks

Winning Millennial Landlords and Tenants – Quick Guide for Property Managers

  • Infographic on Ofcom’s annual Communications Market Report
  • Why letting agents should tailor their services
  • UK Millennials: What are they like?
  • Top tips on winning Millennial Landlords and Tenants over

Tenant’s Guide: How to Prevent Pest Infestations (Customisable Template)

  • Customise the guide with your own logo and contact details with no design software required
  • Educate tenants with easy-to-follow tips and keep the property free of pests
  • Highlight early warning signs of pest infestations and detect issues before they get bigger
  • Remind tenants effortlessly both before the start of the tenancy and regularly

RoPA: Highlights from an Exclusive Q&A with Industry Leaders

The Working Group released a report in July about the controversial mandatory licencing of property agents. We wanted to find out from industry experts what they thought – Will it help fix the ‘broken housing market’ and drive out the few rogue agents?

Pre-Action Protocol for Housing Disrepair Cases Quick Guide

Produced in partnership with Brethertons LLP, this Quick Guide covers:
  • An illustrated timeline
  • When the protocol is applied
  • The preliminary steps
  • 4 types of alternative dispute resolution

The Ultimate Guide to Tenancy Deposit Protection

  • The (Tenancy Deposit Protection) TDP Schemes in England & Wales
  • Insured v.s. Custodial TDP Schemes
  • How to Handle Deposits Lawfully
  • Case Law: 2 Mistakes You Should Avoid
  • How to Prepare for Future Disputes Over Deposits
  • The Requirements for ‘Prescribed Information’

TPO Checklist for Repairs & Maintenance

  • Translate changes in the Code concerning repairs and maintenance into actionable steps
  • Designed in a way so you can tick things off on a computer (or print out easily)
  • Free Property Managers from the complex requirements in the Code of Practice
  • Guide Property Managers to full compliance with The Property Ombudsman Code of Practice

Tenant Flyer Template: Tenancy Deposit Protection Scheme

  • Customise the flyer with your own logo, contact details and the specific tenant deposit protection (TDP) scheme you use
  • Educate tenants before the start of the tenancy about circumstances which can lead to their deposit being deducted
  • Explain when deposits are returned at the end of the tenancy

Section 13 Fact Sheet

  • When should you serve a Section 13 notice
  • How to apply a Section 13 notice to propose new rent and common mistakes when doing so
  • When will rent increase after a Section 13 notice is served
  • What happens if a tenant doesn’t accept the new rent, stop paying some or all of the rent

The Landlord and Tenant Act 1985 Fact Sheet

Produced in partnership with Dutton Gregory Solicitors, this free fact sheet covers:
  • The key areas governed by the Act
  • Tenant’s right to access landlord information
  • Landlord’s obligation to carry out repair tasks and maintaining health and safety
  • Tenant’s right to be informed of landlord’s or agent’s intention to inspect repairs
  • Leasehold service charges and how they should be handled
  • And the consequences for not following the requirements set out by the Act

Section 8 Fact Sheet

With Section 21’s abolishment only a matter of time, we took a look at Section 8, the alternative offered in the Housing Act 1988.
This free fact sheet takes a look at:
  • The key differences between Section 8 and Section 21
  • What a Section 8 notice does
  • The minimum time between serving notice and court proceedings
  • The mandatory grounds for possession set out in schedule 2 of the Housing Act 1988
  • How to issue a Section 8 notice correctly

HHSRS Guide: Trips & Falls

As part of the Fitness for Human Habitation Act, the HHSRS identifies trip and fall hazards under four of the 29 risks in residential property. This guide covers:
  • What are the hazards identified under the HHSRS with relation to trips and falls?
  • Steps to identify trip hazards in your rental properties and who is most at risk
  • How to minimise the chances of serious accidents from trips and falls
eBook cover that says Block Managers' Fact Sheet - Section 20

Block Managers’ Fact Sheet – Section 20

When it comes to carrying out works on a residential block, freeholders and their block managers must comply with the legal requirements set out in Section 20 of the Landlord and Tenant Act 1985. Failure to follow the process correctly can impact your service charge account. We’ve taken a look at the legislation and broken it down into an easy to digest guide.
Produced in partnership with PM Legal Services, this free fact sheet covers:
  • The steps you must take in order to recover costs on qualifying works or qualifying long term agreements
  • The risks involved in non-compliance
  • The three stages in the leaseholder consultation process
ebook cover for How to Maximise the Value of a Rental Home

How to Maximise the Rental Value of Your Property

Some properties just don’t have much in the way of looks, and see less in the way of rental return than their good looking cousins down the road. But, with a bit of a know-how, you can improve the value and even have tenants fighting to sign that contract paperwork. We’ve put together 9 easy, low-cost and effective makeover tips to help you maximise the value on rental properties.
This free guide takes a look at:
  • Affordable tips to make a home more attractive
  • Hacks for improving a property’s appeal with lighting
  • And many useful tips to improve a property’s rental value
Cover of ebook TPO Code of Practice

The Property Ombudsman Code of Practice – Changes for Letting Agents

As all residential lettings professionals need to sign up to a redress scheme, chances are you’re signed up to TPOs Code of Practice. If you’re a TPO member, the membership requires you to stay up to date with the latest changes and make sure you’re ticking all those boxes in your letting procedure.
Don’t have time to read the paperwork? We’ve summed up the key points relating to repairs and maintenance in this free guide. The guide covers:
  • The changes relating to repairs and maintenance in the TPO Code of Practice
  • How the changes could affect your business
  • Some suggestions around staying compliant

The Future of Lettings – Services

There’s a lot going on in lettings right now, and many agents are looking at what they can do to ride out the choppy waters. Let’s face it, the old model of residential lettings is facing some huge challenges. So what can you offer to stand out from the pack and keep your business thriving during these difficult times?
Our FREE guide to  The Future of Lettings – Services  takes a look at:
  • Some of the most popular ways agents are getting around the fee ban
  • Ideas to vary your income streams
  • A look at some of the growth markets in residential lettings

HHSRS Guide: Fire and Burn Hazards

It’s every landlords worst nightmare… A serious fire or burns in property you manage can leave you open to big fines or even criminal charges. One of the key hazards identified under the Housing Health and Safety Rating System (HHSRS), avoiding fire and burn hazards is a big responsibility for property professionals
In our free guide to the HHSRS: Fire and burn hazards, we take a look at:
  • Statistics and risks around fire safety in England and Wales
  • What are the responsibilities of letting agents and landlords?
  • How HMOs are affected by the HHSRS and the Homes (Fitness for Human Habitation) Act.

Block Managers: How to Get a Competitive Advantage with Repairs & Maintenance

As a block manager, a lot of time can be spent looking after reactive repairs, or handling issues around scheduled maintenance. But there are ways to take back control of your block, make your life easier and even manage your service charge more effectively.
We recently partnered with MRI Qube to present a webinar about handling repairs and maintenance. In this free guide, we take a look at:
  • The changes in the demographics and expectations of residents of blocks
  • Methods to reduce your cost to serve and manage your service charge
  • Understanding how Fixflo and MRI Qube work together

The Troublesome Tenant Playbook

As a landlord or letting agent, sooner or later you’re going to come up against some difficult tenants. From those who can’t ever seem to pay the rent on time, to tenants who think hygiene is a dirty word… What can you do when faced with troublesome tenants?
This weeks guide, The Troublesome Tenant Playbook, looks at:
  • The most common types of tricky tenants…
  • What you can do when faced with difficult tenants.
  • Professional’s opinions and tips for handling difficult or illegal behaviour in your premises

The End of Section 21? – What you need to know so far

We take a look at the details around the Government’s announcements about the end of Section 21. Including:
  • The background and facts around tenancies in England
  • What has been said and by whom?
  • What changes have been proposed, if any?

How to Get a Property Licence

Managing an HMO, or House in Multiple Occupancy, means you’ll need to make sure you have the right property licence. However it’s not that straightforward. With so many variables it can be tricky knowing if you need a HMO licence, or even how to assess your property.
In our guide, How to Get a Property Licence, we ask Paul Conway of HMO Services for his advice,
  • When do you need to apply for an HMO property licence?
  • What steps and documentation do you need before applying for a property licence?
  • What are the penalties for non compliance?

Quick Guide: Gas Safety

With the recent Fitness for Human Habitation act going live, adhering to gas safety regulations is more important than ever. As an agent, you are responsible for keeping the certificate up to date, with expired certificates leaving you at risk of fines or more serious charges. We ask Tessa Shepperson of Landlord Law for some insight…
In our FREE Quick Guide to Gas Safety we take a look at:
  • What the law says about gas safety
  • How to ensure your tenants are compliant
  • Penalties for non compliance

The Future of Lettings – Technology

The world is constantly changing, with new solutions popping up to make our lives easier with alarming regularity.  We take a look at the future of lettings and some of the technology available to make the job of a letting agent easier… Including:
  • Some modern solutions for old problems
  • Applications for blockchain in the lettings industry
  • A look at some of the interesting options for smart sensors

What Does it Mean to Give a Personal Service?

Is a personal service being available to answer the phone? Of course a cup of coffee and a mineral water is a nice touch… But is it enough? Although the basics of being personable and contactable are still essential aspects of a personal service, modern consumers demand something more from their interactions.
In our guide to Personal Service for Lettings Agents, we look at:
  • Old vs New customer service standards
  • What the modern consumer expects from a personal service
  • Some useful tools to help you offer a great service

Block Management: Health, Safety and Fire Regulations

Block managers need to be aware of so many different regulations, it can be hard to keep up. We asked specialist health and safety consultancy 4Site Consulting to fill us in on the essentials of keeping blocks compliant with some of the important regulations in place, including:
  • Ensuring communal areas are health and safety compliant
  • Tips for avoiding legionella bacteria
  • Minimising exposure and risk with asbestos

HHSRS Quick Guide: Carbon Monoxide and Unspent Fuel Products

The silent killer, carbon monoxide is a deadly hazard that is listed on the HHSRS and FFHH legislation. This hazard can occur in any property which uses gas, wood or other burnt fuel. This isn’t a factor that can be overlooked, so make sure you’re up to speed with the regulations.
Our free Quick Guide to Carbon Monoxide includes:
  • What is carbon monoxide and where does it come from?
  • The health effects of Carbon Monoxide poisoning
  • What letting agents and landlords need to do to minimise exposure to Carbon Monoxide

Tenant Fee Ban Factsheet 2019

If you’ve heard all about the Tenant Fee Bill and have managed to avoid it up until now, well, tut tut. The Tenant Fee Bill looks set to be one of the biggest and most disruptive changes in the lettings industry for many years.
Our FREE Tenant Fee Bill factsheet looks at the essential details of the upcoming legislation including:
  • What is and isn’t covered under the legislation
  • Details about charging commission according to the property ombudsman
  • A handy timeline of the Tenant Fee Bill

Quick Guide: How to Use Social Media to Get More Landlords

Finding new ways and channels to expand a letting agents portfolio is a never ending task but it’s one that can be made slightly easier using modern techniques.
We take a look at some approaches to using social media to engage with prospective clients and win new landlords. Plus we take a look at what ‘influencer’ means for you as a lettings agent. The book covers:
  • The basics of setting up your letting agency social media
  • 12 useful tips and steps to boost your followers and engage with the community
  • Ways to manage or delegate your social media for when you don’t have the time

Quick Guide: HMO and Property Licensing

We all have to live somewhere, sometimes with other people. If you manage or own a property that is deemed an HMO, or a ‘house in multiple occupation’, you’ll need to ensure you have the appropriate licensing.
As it’s a slightly complex subject, we asked an expert, Paul Conway of HMO Services, to sum it up for us. Our free Quick Guide to Property and HMO Licensing covers:
  • What is the definition of an HMO
  • The different types of legislation under the Housing Act 2004
  • What properties need specific HMO licensing

HHSRS Quick Guide – Noise

As one of the 29 hazards featured in the HHSRS, noise is one of those issues that affects pretty much every home in some form.
We’ve taken a look at what the legislation has to say on the matter and what you can do about it, and we’ve summarised it into one of our easy to read ebooks
Our HHSRS Quick Guide to Noise ebook covers:
  • How the HHSRS defines noise
  • The effects of noise on health and habitation
  • How the new law affects landlords and lettings agencies
  • How to limit the effects and comply with the new legislation

Block Managers: 10 Tips for Service Charge Accounts

Service charges can be a real sticking point for block managers, so we asked an expert. Nick Basra offers his expertise on managing service charge accounts, including:
  • How to use software effectively
  • How to get the best from your accounts
  • Ensuring handovers are well managed
Get your free guide to service charge accounts for block managers by clicking the button below.

Landlords Gas Safety Certificate Quick Guide

As a landlord or letting agent, you’ll need to ensure you’re staying compliant with gas safety regulations. Our handy quick guide will help you prepare for your gas safety certificate, with useful information including:
    • How to stay compliant with gas safety inspections
    • How to ensure your contractors are compliant
    • What the current legislation around gas safety says (2018 amendment)
Pick up your handy free gas safety certificate quick guide today…

HHSRS Quick Guide – Crowding & Space

Crowding and Space is one of the 29 key hazards identified in the HHSRS. Now that the FFHH has passed into law, find out how your property is affected by the law and how to stay compliant.
  • What does the HHSRS says about crowding and space
  • What landlords’ responsibilities will be
  • How much space is required per person

New Tenant Welcome Pack Bundle

Our fully customisable welcome pack bundle is perfect for welcoming tenants into your property. Add your own logo to our documentation to help you provide a professional welcome pack for new tenants. The bundle includes:
  • New tenant information sheet
  • Information about damp, mould, smoke detectors and more…
  • Checklists for autumn and winter
You’ll also find useful information for preventing pest infestations, spotting mental health and domestic abuse issues and much more…

10 Ways to Survive the Tenant Fee Ban (or even thrive..!)

Don’t fear the Tenant Fee Ban! We take a look at some interesting and innovative ways to beat the ban, including:
    • Innovation
    • Automation
    • Inspiration
And much more! So don’t worry about the Tenant Fee Bill… Get our FREE guide to beating the ban!

The Past Present and Future of the Lettings Industry

In late 2018 Fixflo hosted a round table dinner for some of the letting industry’s leading lights. Identities are kept secret, but you can find out what concerns the top professionals in the industry have  for 2019 and what they have up their sleeves in response.
Topics covered include:
  • The expected impact of Brexit
  • Using technology in their businesses
  • Preparing for legislation changes
  • The impact of build-to-rent
  • And much more…

Updated Section 21 Checklist

There have been changes to the Section 21 notice in 2018 so this checklist is completely up-to-date as of December 2018. This updated checklist is designed to be used each time you need to serve a Section 21 notice:
  • Timeframes
  • HMO licenses
  • Tenant deposit protection requirements

Response to Fixflo Report 2018

Industry bigwigs share what they think the report means for 2019 with responses from:
    • David Cox, ARLA Propertymark, Chief Executive
    • Christopher Watkin, Letting Industry Commentator
    • Ed Mead, Co-Founder & Chief Executive, Viewber

HHSRS quick guide – lighting

Lighting is one of the 29 hazards listed in the Human Health and Safety Rating System (HHSRS), part of the Homes (Fitness for Human Habitation) Act. In this quick guide you’ll learn:
  • What the HHSRS says about lighting
  • What landlords’ responsibilities will be
  • How to prevent lighting issues in a property

How to Deal with Repairs over Christmas eBook

Life doesn’t stop over the festive period and neither do repair issues. This eBook shows how to avoid them quickly and with minimum fuss:
  • The importance of educating tenants
  • The opportunities afforded by technology
  • The issues you should be looking out for this Christmas

Domestic Abuse and the Letting Industry

The lettings industry is in the unusual position to make a real difference to those suffering domestic abuse. This guide can help you could improve and, potentially, save someone’s life. In it we cover:
    • What domestic abuse is
    • What you need to be aware of
    • What steps you can take to help someone

10 Laws that Property Managers Need to Know Quick Guide

No matter how long you’ve been in the industry it’s worth making sure your knowledge is bang up to date. You’ll learn:
  • What the legislation involves
  • What the penalties can be
  • A “What can you do?” section on each to help you stay compliant

HHSRS Quick Guide: Entry by Intruders 

In this quick guide to Entry by Intrudes, one of the 29 hazards on the Human Health and Safety Rating System.The focus is on entry by intruders with a helpful example and covers:
  • Who is responsible for property security
  • Potential penalties
  • Prevention

How to Prevent Pest Infestations In Your Property

This free branded tenant pest prevention guide has been specially created for you to download and share with your tenants as part of their welcome pack when they move in. They’ll learn about:
    • Different types of pest to look out for
    • Simple but clear tips on how to prevent them
    • You can brand the document with your own logo

Block Communal Area Risk Assessment Checklist

This helpful checklist, put together in collaboration with 4Site Consulting, covers the key points that every block manager should be thinking about when it comes to communal areas, including:
  • Lighting
  • Fire
  • Building Access

Autumn Property Maintenance Checklist 2018

Checking a whole property is winter ready can feel overwhelming so send this free checklist to your tenants and they can ensure their property is ready themselves, it covers:
    • Heating/Insulation
    • Garden/Exteriors
    • Plumbing

Boiler Maintenance Checklist

 This quick checklist can help you decide whether a boiler problem just needs a tweak or whether it’s a sign of a larger issue (in addition to regular boiler inspections with Gas Safe Registered engineers):
  • Lazy pilot lights
  • Strange boiler noises
  • Chilly radiators

HHSRS Quick Guide: Excess Heat and Excess Cold

Excess Heat and Excess Cold are 2 of the 29 hazards on Human Health and Safety Rating System. This quick guide covers:
  • Whose responsibility it is to maintain a safe temperature in a property
  • The health risks involved
  • How to prevent temperature issues occurring

The Fixflo Report 2018

The Fixflo Report 2018 is here and, as always, there is a lot of insight – much of it very surprising – that it has revealed. With answers from over 400 lettings professionals, the Report includes discussion of:
  • The effect of legislative changes on agents’ ability
  • The growing use of technology and its ability to increase capacity
  • The effect of incoming legislation on current and future operations

Water Supply And Quality: What Are Your Responsibilities?

Ensuring that a property’s water supply is both clean and consistent is a core landlord responsibility. Our quick guide tells you everything you need to know about:
  • The ways water supplies can become unusable
  • Where water supply responsibility differs
  • What to do if water supply issues occur

Homes (Fitness For Human Habitation) Bill: Factsheet

The Homes (Fitness for Human Habitation) Bill has been much-speculated about, but these are the facts you need, including:
  • Why it was introduced
  • What it says
  • Whether there are any exemptions

What Is The Future Of The Block Management Industry?

The block management is due to go through many changes in the next few years, so we got some of the industry’s biggest names in a room together to discuss them. We covered:
  • PRS and build-to-rent
  • Changing customer habits
  • What the industry might look like in 2025

Damp And Mould: What Are Your Responsibilities?

Damp and mould is always at risk of appearing in any property you manage, so it’s important that you know what to do about it if it occurs. Our quick guide includes:
  • Types of damp
  • Health issues caused by damp and mould
  • Agents’ responsibilities

Health Hazard Pollutants: What Do You Need To Know?

The Human Health and Safety Rating System includes a number of pollutants that agents need to ensure are not present across their portfolios. In our quick guide, we cover the likes of:
  • Asbestos
  • Lead
  • Radiation

Are You Ready For The Homes (Fitness For Human Habitation) Bill?

You’ve seen the infographic, now read our quick guide – we explain some of the nuances as far as our theories about the way repairs and maintenance will work after the Homes (Fitness for Human Habitation) Bill is passed. The guide covers:
  • Inventory checks
  • Processes throughout a tenancy
  • Audit and communications trails

Legionella: What Is It And What Are Your Responsibilities?

Legionella is something that agents know they have to be aware of, but they don’t necessarily know what their responsibilities around it include. Our guide covers:
  • Health issues caused by Legionella
  • Agents’ responsibilities
  • Preventative measures to take

How To Get Useful Tenant References Every Time

Tenant references are a key part of vetting their suitability and ability to pay rent on time every month. In our quick guide we discuss:
  • What to ask their employer
  • What to ask their current landlords
  • Two letter templates to send to both parties

Homes (Fitness For Human Habitation) Bill Process Infographic

When the Homes (Fitness for Human Habitation) Bill comes in, agents’ repairs and maintenance processes are likely to change. We’ve put together an infographic showing the way we think things will work, including:
  • Inventory checks
  • Processes throughout a tenancy
  • Audit trails

The Power Of Tenant Evangelists

One of the best ways to market your business is with the happy customers you nurture. These are evangelists, and in this eBook we tell you how to harness their power, including:
  • Changing tenant habits
  • Going the extra mile
  • Moments of truth

8 Common Mistakes To Be Aware Of When Renting Out Your Property

As a letting agent, it’s important that you highlight the difficulty of renting out a property to potential landlords to convince them that they should sign up with you. Our marketing material for you to customise and use discusses:
  • Repairs and maintenance
  • Referencing
  • Legislative knowledge

Licence To Alter: Everything You Need To Know

In block management, being able to conduct a Licence to Alter correctly is a key part of the job. Our quick guide covers:
  • The importance of the lease
  • Who’s responsible for what
  • Using a surveyor

Are You Displaying Your Fees Correctly?

There is a lot to be aware of in terms of ensuring you display your fees correctly – it’s always good to refresh your memory, so this guide includes:
  • The fees that have to be displayed
  • Client Money Protection
  • Redress schemes

5 Ways To Spot Bad Tenants

In order to avoid problems further down the line, it’s important to be able to spot a potentially difficult tenant before anything is signed. In our quick guide, we discuss:
  • Following up on references
  • Taking deposits
  • Visiting the property

The Best Online Tools For Property Management

There are a lot of fantastic tools available for property managers, but you might not be aware of some of them, or how they can make your job easier. Among the tools we cover are:
  • Viewber
  • Letflo
  • acasa

Pets In Your Property: Quick Guide & Screening Questionnaire

Tenants who are allowed to keep pets are likely to be happier and stay in a property longer. But many landlords are wary of allowing them to do so – here’s why there’s no need to be concerned. We discuss:
  • Laws to be aware of
  • Including a pet clause in a tenancy agreement
  • A screening questionnaire you can send to tenants wishing to keep a pet

5 Common Mistakes In PMP/Capex Plans & How To Avoid Them

For block managers, planning is everything. A PMP/capex plan will help you budget and schedule works on your block for years to come, but mistakes are easily made. We discuss:
  • The importance of flexibility
  • Why you need to enlist a professional surveyor
  • Front-loading the plan

How To Move Your Landlords To A Fully-Managed Service

One of the easiest ways to increase your revenue is to move your rent-only landlords to a fully-managed service. Our bundle is comprised of:
  • A quick guide covering methods you can employ to convince your landlords
  • Flyer demonstrating the money saved with a repairs and maintenance solution

How To Win New Landlords: Strategy Checklist

You’ve learnt the theory behind planning and strategising for growth, so here’s a handy checklist you can use to make sure everything’s covered from the following eBooks:
  • Planning For Growth
  • Defining Your Target Market
  • How To Build Your Brand

How To Win New Landlords: How To Build Your Brand

Our third How To Win New Landlords eBook is focused on building your brand to appeal to the market you’re targeting. We’ve bundled it with the first and second HTWNL eBooks and include discussion of:
  • Why branding isn’t just what you can see
  • Why branding matters to both tenants and landlord

Tenant Moving Out Checklist + Information Bundle

Customer care doesn’t end when a tenant moves out. Use our new Tenant Information Bundle, which includes the following assets, to make sure they come back one day:
  • Moving Out Checklist
  • Smoke Detector Flyer
  • New Tenant Information Sheet

10 Tips To Avoid Risk For Block Managers

Compliance is absolutely vital for block managers in their day-to-day jobs. Avoiding risk isn’t easy, though – our ten tips will help you meet your compliance demands. We cover:
  • Following capex plans
  • Listening to leaseholders
  • Ensuring legislative knowledge

How To Win New Landlords: Who Are You Selling To?

Our second How To Win New Landlords eBook is focused on ensuring you understand your audience and can market to them in a way which really resonates. We include discussion of:
  • Understanding your market
  • Defining your value proposition
  • The importance of creating personas

How To Win New Landlords: Planning For Growth

Winning new landlords is a key concern for property management agencies, but it can be difficult to know where to start in doing so. Our eBook series will show you how to do so – in our first, Planning For Growth, we show you how to build the foundations to support your growth, including:
  • The systems and processes you need to succeed
  • Key Performance Indicators
  • How to retain the landlords you already have

A Quick Guide To Effective Contractor Communication

Contractor management, and communication in particular, can be difficult to master, but our free eBook should help you at least get communication right. We include information about:
  • Setting expectations
  • Standardising processes
  • Enabling on-the-move comms

Last-Minute GDPR Compliance Checklist

GDPR might now be here but you can still use our free checklist to make sure you haven’t missed out any processes or actions, such as:
  • Data processing
  • Assigning accountability
  • Potential penalties

How To Test Your Smoke Detector Flyer

Smoke detectors are a legal requirement, and it’s both landlord and tenant’s responsibility to maintain them. Our free flyer can be used as information and marketing tool, covering:
  • Types of smoke detectors
  • Who’s responsible for them
  • When they are responsible for them

How Can Property Managers Ensure Compliance When Handling Repairs?

This eBook ensures that you will always be able to stay compliant, whatever you’re doing. Among other things, it covers:
  • Legislation you need to know about
  • Adequate responses and audit trails

Excel Is Dead As A Block Management Tool

Block managers often still rely on tools like Excel in their daily work, but they are much better off using specialist block management systems. Our eBook covers:
  • The limitations of Excel
  • What an Excel failure looks like
  • What specialist block management systems can offer

Delegating To Digital: Making The Case For Proptech And Agency Growth

There is still a great deal of misconception around the benefits of taking on proptech solutions within a lettings agency. Our eBook covers the benefits of delegating to digital, including:
  • The way proptech can help with legislation
  • The importance of a strong agency proposition
  • Ensuring a strong customer experience

Property Inventory Checklist

Property inventories, when done correctly, can resolve a whole host of issues at a tenancy’s conclusion. Our free checklist will help you complete an inventory for each of your properties in areas including:
  • Rooms
  • Utilities
  • Detectors

5 Often-Overlooked Benefits Of Block Maintenance Software

Block management software is often only considered to be valuable for handling repairs and maintenance, but it can be used for so much more, including:
  • Communications
  • Accountability
  • Performance tracking

The Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards: What Are The Quick Wins?

The Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards demand that properties have an energy efficiency rating of “E” or above – here are some of the quick wins you can achieve to bring properties up to code, including:
  • Shower heads
  • Lighting
  • Smart meters

New Tenant Information Sheet

When tenants move into a new property for the first time, they’ll need to know everything about it to get off to the best possible start. Our information sheet can be filled in by the property manager to help them out. It includes entry fields for:
  • Stopcock location
  • Bin collection days
  • Location of smoke detectors

First-Time Landlord Checklist

Renting out a property for the first time can be daunting – property managers can use our checklist to show landlords how much there is to do, and how much simpler it would be to sign up to an agency instead. We cover:
  • Paperwork
  • The legal side
  • Logistics

Property Manager Salary Survey 2018

Property manager salaries can vary wildly throughout the country – this eBook is designed to offer an overview of those salaries according to:
  • Location
  • Gender
  • Seniority

How To Get The Most Out Of The ARLA Propertymark Conference 2018

The ARLA Propertymark Conference is one of the biggest industry events of the year, with huge potential for networking and making connections. Our eBook discusses how you can make the most out of this conference and others you might attend, covering:
  • Before the conference
  • During the conference
  • After the conference

The Property Manager’s Guide To Managing Contractors

Managing contractors is vital for a successful and compliant property management agency. Our eBook covers everything you need to know, including:
  • Responsibilities of property managers
  • Health and safety
  • The contractor as the face of your brand

10 Things Everyone Should Know About Service Charges

Service charges can be confusing for both occupiers and block managers, who both have to deal with them. Our quick guide covers ten things both sides should know about them, including:
  • Difference between service charges and sinking funds
  • Building insurance
  • Recovery of service charges

Section 21 Checklist

Being able to serve a Section 21 notice correctly is a vital skill, but agents and landlords still make mistakes when doing so, which can be costly and time-consuming to correct. Our checklist ensures that you’ll never make another Section 21-related mistake. It includes:
  • Timeframes
  • HMO licenses
  • Tenant deposit protection requirements

HHSRS Checklist

The Human Health and Safety Rating System is going to define the Fitness for Human Habitation Bill, so it’s something everyone needs to be aware of. Our free checklist covers all 29 hazards, including:
  • Asbestos
  • Fire
  • Excess hot and cold temperatures
  • Entry by intruders

How Can You Increase Your Value to Landlords?

How can you improve the value of your proposition to ensure you keep your customers and attract as many new ones as possible? Here we cover:
  • Securing quality tenants
  • Practicing transparency
  • Ensuring strong local knowledge

The Block Manager’s Guide To Contractor Management

Managing contractors within a block is a fully-involved job. In our eBook, we cover everything you should be aware of, including:
  • Pre-qualification schemes
  • Health and safety
  • Insurance

Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards: Quick Guide

The new Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards which affect rental properties are due to come into force this April. In our quick guide to them, we cover:
  • What they are
  • How they affect lettings agents
  • How they might become stricter

How Are The Best Lettings Agencies Using Technology In 2018?

Many agencies still haven’t embraced technology, but the most successful are the ones who are able to use it to provide a fully-rounded customer experience. Here we cover:
  • Repair reporting
  • Risk management
  • Performance tracking

10 Tips To Avoid Risk In Your Lettings Agency

Compliance is a huge part of successful property management, and 2018 looks to be a key year as far as new legislation is concerned. This eBook discusses:
  • The Tenant Fees Bill
  • GDPR
  • The Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards

The Fitness For Human Habitation Bill: Quick Guide

This important piece of legislation will probably be passed before the end of the year, and it’s something you need to know about now. This eBook covers:
  • Why the Bill is being introduced
  • What it is trying to achieve
  • What it means for property managers

Block Repairs & Maintenance Management Software

Block managers can benefit hugely from using the right repairs and maintenance management software, but what should they be looking for? We cover:
  • How the software works
  • Features to look out for
  • How it benefits relevant parties

Is Proptech A Threat To Property Managers?

Many property managers are still worried about proptech’s potential effect on their jobs. Are their concerns valid? In this eBook, we discuss:
  • The changing property industry
  • The changing role of the property manager
  • Similar changes undergone in other industriesx

10 Tips For Lettings Success In 2018

2018 promises a wealth of developments in the lettings industry which you can turn to your advantage, but what are they? In this eBook, we discuss:
  • The Tenant Fees Bill
  • The importance of planning ahead
  • The introduction of GDPR

What Can We Expect From The Lettings Industry In 2018?

With the Tenant Fees Bill alone, 2018 could be a key year for the lettings industry. In our new eBook we discuss, among other things:
  • Business model disruption
  • The increased embracing of technology
  • The ongoing effects of Brexit

Block Management: A Great Opportunity for Letting Agents?

When trying to find new revenue streams, why not look at a move sideways into block management? Our eBook will help you assess whether this is the right move for you.
  • Overview of stakeholders
  • Information about risks and challenges
  • Ways to find block management clients

How To Build Your Property Stack With A Best-In-Class Approach

Our collaboration with integration partners Re-Leased sees us team up to bring the idea of property technology stacks to the industry as proptech develops and becomes more integral to agencies.
  • The benefits of investing in a property stack
  • The risks of investing in a property stack
  • Why property stacks could be the future

Making The Case For Repair And Maintenance Software

In our latest eBook, we show you how to put together a business case for repairs and maintenance management software. The eBook covers:
  • Defining the problem
  • Estimating costs and benefits
  • Anticipating objections

Property Management Software Buyer’s Guide

We’ve compiled the best property management software to help you choose the option that’s best for you. This eBook features:
  • Product descriptions
  • Features lists
  • Pricing models

What Is The Future Of The Lettings Industry?

The lettings industry is in a state of flux, so we asked some of the biggest names around what they think the future will hold. Some of the topics covered include:
  • The lettings fee ban and its potential impact
  • Modern business model disruption as evidenced by businesses like Purplebricks
  • The implications of the growing impact of technology across the sector

40 Top Tips For Letting Agents

We’ve put together a list of 40 essential tips to help you succeed in today’s competitive lettings sector. In this eBook, you’ll learn how to:
  • Win quality new instructions
  • Improve your communication with tenants and landlords
  • Boost your digital marketing output
  • Use social media to generate leads

Navigating The Fees Ban

With the Draft Tenants Fees Bill set to include a ban on tenant fees, our free eBook assists letting agents in mitigating these changes. In this eBook, you will gain an insight into:
  • The current fee charges to understand why the ban’s introduction
  • The real economic impact on residential lettings activity in England
  • The impact of the 2011 Scottish fees ban on the Scottish PRS

10 Top Tips To Find Landlords In 2017

We asked ten leading figures in the industry to share their wisdom on how letting agents could successfully attract landlords. In this eBook, you’ll learn how to:
  • Win quality new instructions
  • Improve your communication with tenants and landlords
  • Boost your digital marketing output
  • Use social media to generate leads

The Definitive Guide To Repairs Software

Our free eBook answers the key questions surrounding this vital aspect of property technology. In this eBook you will find out:
  • How repairs and maintenance management software works
  • How it benefits tenants, property managers and contractors
  • What the key features that you should be looking out for are

22 Tips For Block Managers

Whether you want to boost efficiencies in your PPM, improve your statutory compliance, or simply just enhance your level of service, there is something in this eBook for you.
What you will learn in this eBook:
  • 7 tips for block managers to stay in touch
  • 5 tips to find the best contractors
  • 5 tips to get your PPM right
  • 5 tips to improve communication with leaseholders

The Fixflo Report 2017

The Fixflo Report collates the opinions of lettings professionals from around the UK to produce a state-of-the-industry examination, which includes insight into:
  • The challenges facing the lettings industry
  • The impact of legislative changes around property management
  • The attitude of the wider industry towards repair reporting and other proptech solutions