Breaking Down Barriers:
The EWS1 Form


Why are block managers struggling with the EWS1 form?

Breaking Barriers -  EWS1 Form

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We received a vast number of questions about the external wall system (EWS) survey and its resulting EWS1 form during a live webinar held in June 2020. In response, a follow-up webinar titled What Should Block Managers Do in Respect of EWS1 Forms? was streamed with over 1,100 block managers and leasehold professionals in live attendance on 25 August 2020.

Moderated by Rajeev Nayyar, MD of Fixflo, the webinar saw a panel comprising sector leaders from ARMA, IRPM, PM Legal Services and RICS providing attendees with the background on the EWS process and discussing the root causes to problems the industry is experiencing with the resulting EWS1 form.

This eBook, Breaking Down Barriers: The EWS1 Form, aims to summarise the insightful discussion and offer block managers with as much clarity as possible.