As the shock of the last six weeks wears off and we look towards the future, this frozen market presents a unique opportunity - the opportunity to reflect on our companies in detail. With the right tools by our side, we can forge a new way forward. Make no mistake, the last six weeks have resulted in a seismic shift in the public's adoption and perception of technology. The real question now is: Are you ready for this new generation of tech-hungry consumers?

There is an array of products and services out there offering brilliant solutions. To identify which ones you need, you should first identify which problems you're trying to solve. Lettings is primarily about processes and procedures, and tech is great at facilitating both. Here are some questions I'm wrestling with myself - how would you answer them?


  1. Can we automate our letter canvassing?
  2. Can we automate a targeted Social Media strategy?
  3. Can we create regular video content (stream/edit)?
  4. Can we outsource content?
  5. Can we track our marketing results better?
  6. Can we get more out of our existing database?


  1. What portals, if any, are right for my business?
  2. Can we secure transactions direct from Social Media?
  3. Can we create video tours of all properties easily, cheaply but well?


  1. Can we make the experience better?
  2. Can we automate the entire application process?
  3. Do we want to?
  4. Should we trial a deposit-free product?
  5. If so, which one?
  6. Should we do better at utility & insurance promotion?


  1. Can we make the experience better?
  2. Is it easy for my tenants to accurately report issues?
  3. Is it easy to track & quickly resolve them?
  4. Can any of this be automated?
  5. Can we eliminate 'false' issues completely?


  1. Can we make the experience better?
  2. How much can we affordably automate (both property & biz)?


  1. Can we make this process a better experience?
  2. Can we automate this more?
  3. Can we spend less time?
  4. Can we speed up deposit returns?
  5. Can we make money?

Hopefully, these help raise some relevant questions for you. I don't know all the answers yet, and what's right for me may not be right for you. To help you figure this all out there is an array of resources with insights, reviews and more. Have a browse and talk to other agents, too. There's a lot of help and advice out there:

  • Kerfuffle
  • ICG Approved
  • unissu
  • UK PropTech Association
  • propertymark
  • The ESTAS/The Negotiator Awards/EA Masters

Good luck & stay safe!

This is a guest blog by Kristjan Byfield, Co-Founder at base property specialists.


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Kristjan Byfield

Kristjan Byfield

Co-Founder at base property specialists & The Depositary and on the Board of Directors at UK PropTech Association (UKPA)

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Kristjan Byfield
By Kristjan Byfield

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