Increase your instructions
It is easy to think you can be all things to all landlords, but through knowing your business and understanding how your customers perceive you, you can more effectively grow your business. Too...
A brighter future for hardworking tenants

Today (16 October 2013) The Rt Hon Eric Pickles MP issued a press release outlining his proposals to improve the lives of tenants.

Tenants' Charter - 5 Key Issues

Eric Pickles (Communities Secretary) has proposed a tenants' charter that, in his words, will:

…"raise the quality and choice of rental accommodation, root out the cowboys and rogue operators in...

Do Your Tenants Speak a Different Language?

Nearly 1.7m people don’t speak English as a first language and over 300,000 of them say that they don’t speak English at all or well. [2011 Census figures]

Getting the most bang for your buck!

With approximately 100 agencies now using Fixflo we have noticed that some agencies are getting more issues reported through their Fixflo website than others. Here are some best practice tips from...

Communication Is King

As we all know the pace of technological advancement is accelerating. There is an increasing expectation of an immediate response and an instant resolution across sectors. This expectation...

Prepare for no battle

The Property Ombudsman ("TPO") Annual Report 2012 makes for surprisingly interesting reading.

Build to Rent

The first 45 Build to Rent projects have been announced with c.£700m of Government funding allocated.  We give a short overview of the Build to Rent scheme.

Lettings Industry Regulation: ARLA Proposal

The lettings industry is becoming increasingly politicised.  This is understandable given that the private rented sector has doubled in 20 years and by 2025 it is expected that one third of...