Every manager worth their salt knows that the success or failure of a business comes down to the people employed within it. Good managers will understand that valuing their staff will inspire them not just to meet their targets, but to exceed them. But while it may be clear what makes a good manager (listening, trusting and avoiding micromanagement), the question is how do you get to be one in the first place? We spoke to Leasehold Social founder and industry doyen Nick Rich to find out all about growing with a block management business.


Look for a mentor 

Good management skills are transferable so your mentor doesn’t have to be within the property industry. Seek out a coach or a manager whose message and culture aligns with yours and learn from them. This might be in-person, online or even through reading a book but once you’ve identified that person, go for it. That way, when an opportunity arises within your company, you can take advantage of it.


Don’t wait for your company

Similar to Nick’s first tip, he advises not to wait for your company to seek you out and promote you. While a good manager should be able to spot talent and develop it long before a role comes up, somebody who wants to be a good manager should be proactive enough to motivate themselves. Look for management courses and invest in them, because what you learn now could pay off in your future.


Give yourself a chance to fail

Often people with an eye for detail and a streak of perfectionism are drawn to the property industry. These same people can find it very hard to fail. Remember that almost every mistake you make will be recoverable and give yourself a chance to fail. Extend this mentality to those around you. Often we learn the most when we are not succeeding at something.


Make yourself known

If you want to stand out from the crowd and be identified as management material, put your hand up and make yourself known. If your company is starting a new initiative, forum or department, make sure you volunteer so that others can see how keen you are.


Be flexible, mobile and make yourself an expert

As a company grows, lots more opportunities will arise. Don’t be afraid to take diagonal or sideways steps – every role you take on will round out your knowledge. Take in as much as you can because want to be seen as the ‘go to’ person on various topics. Once you’ve established a reputation as reliable, you become integral to the way a business is run, making management the logical next step.

For more tips about not just how to be a good manager but how to get there, check out our free Growing With A Block Management Business webinar with Nick.

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Joe Parish

Joe Parish

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Joe Parish
By Joe Parish