With continual reports over the housing shortage in the UK, and estimates at 250,000 homes needing to be built per year to house the growing population, billions of pounds are being earmarked for Build to Rent schemes.

Modeled on European and American centrally-owned and managed rental properties, the Build to Rent boom signals a change in the UK's private rental market.

Meanwhile, agents and landlords are wondering how this market shift will affect them.

Here at Fixflo, we've compiled a resource for everyone from agents, to developers, to tenants.  Including blogs explaining the effects of Build to Rent for different groups involved, links to key resources, and updates regarding most recent news, the resource is sure to be invaluable for everyone involved.

Be sure to add the resource to your bookmarks, as it will be updated periodically. With the speed at which Build to Rent properties are being constructed, there is sure to be lots of information to keep on top of.

And, if you need a booster on changes to Section 21, don't forget to visit our Section 21 resource here.

Zahraa Valu

Zahraa Valu

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Zahraa Valu
By Zahraa Valu