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Imagine a world where the most powerful service charge, demand, debt control and client reporting engine meets ground-breaking leaseholder and resident self-service solutions. Imagine the efficiency, the additional revenue, and the enhancement to your brand.

Now, with the integration between Fixflo, Qube PM and Qube Engage, these benefits can be yours. This multi-award winning solution from three industry leaders works seamlessly to revolutionise your customer service.

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Three leaders


Save time and money with Fixflo’s smart repair reporting and management.
Fixflo allows you to boost operational efficiencies and your service levels through its smart repairs diagnostic tool. Occupiers use their PC or smartphone to report repairs, they receive guidance to enhance personal and asset protection and the system is even available in over 40 languages.

Qube PM

Qube PM is the most widely used property management solution in its market, proven to deliver results fast.
With the new integration with Fixflo, reported repairs are instantly transferred (in English!) into Qube PM as Calls in Maintenance Management. If Maintenance Management is not being used then the information is imported as Diaries in Property Management.

Qube Engage

The Qube Engage portal enables property companies to deploy successful self-service capabilities that deliver better services to residents as well as substantial efficiency savings for housing management.
Qube Engage integrates directly with Fixflo and your Qube PM system to enable residents to report maintenance requests 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Trusted globally

Join thousands of customers from around the world and across 14 different time zones.

Award winning

A solution from multi-award winning providers, including Industry Supplier of the Year, Qube Global Software


Fixflo is available in over 40 languages allowing you to service a diverse occupier base

Boost your service delivery

Available to occupiers around the clock, getting you the right information day or night

Tangible business benefits

With the Qube Connect Partners solution, your business will benefit from:
One single set of data: Locate all your property management, lettings, FM and transaction and accounting data in one place.
Improved engagement: Drive innovative use of technology to deliver a self-service communications, payments and lifestyle portal to your residents.
Fewer phone calls: No more phone calls regarding issues that are the leaseholder’s responsibility. With customisable guided advice, occupants are made aware of their responsibilities and given all the information necessary to understand which issues are under their remit.
First-time fixes: Because our repair reports contain all the detail needed, contractors can prepare for the specific issue at hand. This means that many issues can be resolved in the first site visit.
Better asset protection: In the case of a serious issue, in-system guidance directs the occupant to take all the right steps to protect themselves and the building from further damage.