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Qube PM has integrated with Fixflo to offer you the ultimate maintenance
management solution

Trusted by thousands

Over 400,000 homes across the UK use Fixflo


Boost your service delivery

Available to occupiers around the clock, getting you the right information day or night


Fixflo is available in over 40 languages allowing you to service a diverse occupier base


  Fixflo offers a robust process, ensuring that no issues fall between the cracks

The best way to manage repairs

Save time and money with Fixflo’s smart repair reporting and management.

Fixflo allows you to boost operational efficiencies and your service levels through its smart repairs diagnostic tool. Occupiers use their PC or smartphone to report repairs, they receive guidance to enhance personal and asset protection and the system is even available in over 40 languages.

Reported repairs are instantly transferred (in English!) into Qube PM as Calls in Maintenance Management. If Maintenance Management is not being used then the information is imported as Diaries in Property Management. Fixflo can be added to your Qube PM system directly or as part of the Qube Engage portal.

Used across 14 time zones

Fixflo is the leading repair reporting software around the globe

Fewer issues

Fixflo offers guided advice for occupants

Fewer phone calls: No more phone calls regarding issues that are the leaseholder’s responsibility.  With Fixflo’s customisable guided advice, occupants are made aware of their responsibilities and given all the information necessary to understand which issues are under their remit.

Better asset protection: In the case of a serious issue, in-system guidance directs the occupant to take all the right steps to protect themselves and the building from further damage.

Our numbers (…and counting!)

*Numbers based on 44,363 repair reports through the Fixflo system in November 2016

66% of issues reported
include photographs

4000+ agency branches use Fixflo across the UK

An issue is reported through Fixflo every minute

Faster fixes

Detailed, accurate reports ensure quick fixes

All the information you need: Clear, concise repair reports contain all the information you need, including the specific location within the block and who is reporting.  Photos of the problem can also be attached.

The reports are sent directly to the correct property manager in seconds.

First-time fixes: Because Fixflo repair reports contain all the detail needed, contractors can prepare for the specific issue at hand.  This means that many issues can be resolved in the first site visit.