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Winning the gold at the 2016 Sunday Times Awards for Best Lettings Supplier, Fixflo has proven it is the premium property software for lettings agencies to manage their repairs process. ┬áThis award was given largely in part to Fixflo’s dedication to customer satisfaction, which was noted in the judges’ report.

Our numbers and counting!

*Numbers based on 44,363 repair reports through the Fixflo system in November 2016

66% of issues reported include photographs

4,000+ UK agency branches use Fixflo to report a repair

One issue is reported through Fixflo every minute

“Having won the silver award in this category last year, it is a delight to recognise Fixflo’s increased focus and dedication with the gold award.

Fixflo’s software helps lettings agents streamline their maintenance reporting by simplifying the process for all parties. Feedback from the customer survey shows that they believe the team at Fixflo is working with them for the benefit of both businesses and it enjoys high levels of referral.

It was also clear that clients feel confident in the quality and speed of response times from Fixflo, as well as the ease of being able to reach someone on both telephone and email.”

The Lettings Agency of the Year 2016 judges report

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