Get started in two minutes

You can start using Fixflo in two minutes. Getting your own tenant issue reporting system is as easy as registering on Facebook or Twitter.

Step 1: Register

Go to the agency registration page:

You’ll need to:

  • Enter your email address and password – so you can sign-in later
  • Enter your agency branch name
  • Accept the Ts & Cs
  • Click the Get started now button
Step 2: Success!

That’s it!

Your Fixflo website has been created.

Click on your URL (the link) to take a quick tour of the system and log in.

Step 3: Customise

There are lots of ways you can configure your site once it has been created, but Fixflo has been designed to work out-of-the-box. That means you’re already good to go!

You can edit and improve your tenant reporting site at your own pace. You can also start tailoring the look of your Fixflo site using the “Design” menu option.

There are no complex data migrations and no need to add your tenants to the system.