Business Development Team Leader

Job Specification

The company:

Market leading, fast-growing, exciting, international, creative, dynamic, profitable; welcome to Fixflo. Since launching in 2013, phenomenal growth has resulted in the company becoming the leader in its field. Designing, developing and delivering repairs SaaS software for property professionals.

Our business plan is simple. Every repair in the world is reported through a Fixflo system. We are currently used in over 500,000 homes across the UK with further expansion in the UK and overseas.

The company’s reputation is exemplary having been selected as the best technological solution for letting agencies in two out of the past three years and having built close relationships with regulators across the sector (eg integration with deposit protection schemes and Ombudsman schemes).

Our challenge is to ensure that its people, products and processes constantly and consistently delight existing clients, whilst attracting new businesses, fulfilling the potential that the amazing team, range of products and international markets offer.

Fixflo is a young, dynamic and agile company with bags of personality and where standing out is fitting in. From the office dog to the head of fun, it is filled to the brim with energy and vibrancy. Mindfulness, boot camp, fruit-filled kitchens, a spinning prize wheel and office basketball challenges; these are just a few of the ingredients that go into making Fixflo what it is.

The role:

Are you looking to kick your career in hyper speed with one of the fastest growing companies in property technology? Are you a passionate, curious, and competitive person looking to join and help lead a newly formed Business Development team? Read on, this role might be for you.

Your primary role will involve generating qualified demonstrations and appointments for the Sales Executives so they can cultivate leads and sell Fixflo to businesses. Your secondary role will be executing the sales development strategy as outlined by the Head of Marketing.

This is a great opportunity to join a rapidly growing team where there is plenty of scope for career progression. Your drive and ambition are your limits, not your job title!

The ideal candidate will need to be a great communicator, who is confident both on the phone and in writing, intelligent and well-organised.

The role will involve:

  • Researching companies and individuals online to identify new potential leads
  • Contacting potential clients via telephone and email to establish rapport and arranging a remote demonstration with one of the Sales Executives.
  • Being team lead and responsible for the execution of the sales development processes and ensuring it is compliant with the company’s strategy and policies.
  • Providing training and coaching to other team members on systems and processes.

In short, you will be part of a team responsible for delivering exceptional sales results and customer service in addition to providing assistance to other areas of the business where required.

You’ll be the sort of person who is looking to work in a demanding and fast-paced working environment with a strong teamwork culture.

You will be personable, a good communicator and exhibit good organisational skills.

  • knows how to use Salesforce/SFDC
  • 6-12 months experience in business development or sales development
  • experience in running mapping calls and booking discovery calls for Sales Executives
  • experience in saas is ideal but not necessary

Key Responsibilities

  • Maintaining the sales development process
  •  Connecting with potential clients to arrange demonstrations of the software
  •  Allocating arranged demonstrations to Sales Executives according to lead allocation system
  • Updating and managing account information on the Company’s internal systems including any CRM system(s)
  • Quickly responding to and dealing effectively with any issues


  • Driven, ambitious and confident individual
  • Strong communication skills on the telephone and in writing
  • Strong personality with the ability to inspire confidence and influence others
  • Passionate about ‘going the extra mile’
  • A team player who works and engages others to achieve results
  • Strong time-management skills

Fixflo in a nutshell:


To be the standard way in which property repairs are reported and managed in homes and places of work around the world.


(1) Providing material value to every user of our systems whether or not they pay for them

(2) Building strong relationships with key participants in every market in which we operate

(3) Doing the right thing even if that means acting to our own detriment in the short term


(1) Building world-class user-focused software systems that improve efficiencies for every participant to a repair

(2) Aspiring to be great (not just good) in everything we do

(3) Delivering exceptional customer service to every user of our system

(4) Actively seeking feedback (whether positive or negative) from users and potential users and acting upon it as appropriate

(5) Diagnosing before treating

(6) Recruiting only people who strive towards our objective, believe in our strategies and are capable of implementing our tactics

(7) Seeking to collaborate rather than compete

Our Ideal Colleague

Someone who has a 90% chance of accomplishing what only 10% of possible hires could achieve.

Critical competencies (soft skills):

  • Efficiency (can produce significant output with minimal wasted effort)
  • Honesty/integrity (does not cut corners ethically)
  • Organisation and planning (focuses on key priorities and plans/organises/schedules/budgets in an efficient and productive manner)
  • Follows through on commitments (lives up to verbal and written agreements regardless of personal cost)
  • Intelligence (learns quickly)
  • Attention to detail (does not let important details slip)
  • Persistence (demonstrates tenacity and willingness to go the distance to get something done)
  • Proactivity (acts without being told what to do and brings ideas to the company)
  • Enthusiasm (exhibits passion and excitement at work (a can do attitude))
  • High standards (expects personal performance and team performance to be nothing short of the best)
  • Openness to criticism and ideas (solicits feedback and reacts calmly to criticism or negative feedback)
  • Teamwork (works well with others to achieve a collective goal)
  • Communication (speaks and writes clearly)


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