4 ways to perfect your PPM


Block managers, how do you stay organised?

A picture calendar might brighten up your office, but when it comes to planned preventative maintenance (PPM), our Block Planner proves that the best way to get ahead is online dating. Fixflo Block‘s online facility gives an annual overview, allowing you to view the whole year in a nutshell, and act accordingly. It also provides managers of multiple blocks a portfolio overview allowing you to manage more properties in less time which frees you up to deal with any issues as and when they arise.

Keeping compliant

Block Planner allows agents to note and flag up which tasks are a statutory requirement on entry, helping to ensure that you always stay compliant. By highlighting these statutory requirements and flagging up the expiry dates on mandatory qualifications, Block Planner means that as long as block managers keep checking the portal, they need never fall behind and always stay on the right side of the law.

 Better budgeting

By providing an annual overview of the entire block,  Block Planner allows you to budget better because you can see exactly what maintenance or service requirements are coming up throughout the year. It also allows managers to track their budget to ensure that they’re staying on target annually, or to take action if they’re not.

 No needless reminders

Rather than have to set outlook reminders or circle dates in red pen, Block Planner can create periodic service events for its users so that you don’t have to set reminders at all! When entering a job, users have the option to select a frequency, such as three months, six months and so on, in which the task will need repeating or reviewing.

Put simply the system reminds itself, so you don’t have to.

 Reduces human error

Perhaps Block Planner’s greatest appeal is that, through its automated service, it drastically reduces human error. Block Planner can automate all contact with contractors, from instruction to invoicing. And in keeping with staying compliant, the planner can also track each contractor’s relevant qualifications and ensure that they’re being kept up to date.

Freeing up the time spent chasing contractors gives managers who use Block Planner the opportunity to invest more time communicating with leaseholders and landlords. Given that a recent survey, conducted by LEASE and Brady Solicitors found that two-thirds of those interviewed were unhappy with their block manager and nearly half said they struggled to get hold of their managing agent when they had a query or concern – having the extra time to devote to improving things is a huge advantage.

So, what are you waiting for? Book a free demo of Fixflo Block today and get online dating!


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