Meet the team

Rajeev Nayyar

Managing Director

Former property lawyer in England and New Zealand, Fixflo sparked in Rajeev’s mind when he suffered the pain of property repair management as a tenant in New Zealand while managing properties in London.  He enjoys long walks on the beach and carries a Fixflo stress ball with him wherever he goes.

Duncan Careless

Chief Technical Officer

Co-Founder and architect of the Fixflo range of products. Duncan has an extensive background in technology with roles including being  CTO of Friends Reunited and at BrightSolid.  The ever elusive Duncan is only rarely photographed, and you are more likely to find him on the hockey pitch, where he captains his local team.

Jon Chapman

Sales Director

Former Senior Manager with a Lettings Firm, Jon heads up the sales department at Fixflo. Jon is known for his sharing of pastries around the office and abound and sets Twitter abuzz with his sock, or sock-free, stylishness.  Jon comes as a package deal to the team, bringing along his fuzzy friend Hudson.


Jack Cheng

Junior Product Analyst

Jack is well known by our clients as the face of the Fixflo helpdesk. Around the office, he’s known as ‘the man who can get things’, often surprising us with pinterest-worthy treats his girlfriend has baked.  Jack will almost always beat you at arcade games, but his humble nature makes you feel quite happy about it.
Dave 2

Dave Synott

Senior Software Developer

Dave heads the development of Letflo, Fixflo’s newest offering.  He also orchestrated Fixflo’s first Jaffa Cake challenge, though instead of participating, he watched and judged. Dave is a Dutch National Champion of the increasingly popular sport of Korfball and runs a marathon every month, most recently through the sun-soaked night in Tromsø.

Oli Mosse

Senior Design Executive

You might recognise Oli from his modeling career as the face of Jelly Belly in New Delhi.  From billboards to magazines,  Oli’s now on the other side of the advert, serving as our design guru, the master of the gradient, and the person you generally ask when the question’s ‘does this look good?’.

Phil Hoy

Senior Software Developer

Phil is lead developer for our Block Management product line. He prides himself on always being the last to provide any sort of bio but is generally apologetic for the hassle that may cause. His main passion in life, other than software development and tech stuff is cycling, when time permits he most enjoys off road biking on and around the south downs.

Bertie Kerr

Head of Operations

Bertie joined Fixflo after seven years in the Royal Marines Commandos and four years on a strategy team at Deutsche Bank. As Head of Operations, he is all about process and scalability. As head of Tuesday evening boot camp, he is all about press-ups.


Georgina Field

Sales Executive

Georgina is the reader in the office, and at lunch, you’ll usually find her in a cosy chair, with her nose in a book–psychological thrillers are her favourite.  She loves to travel, having made her way around Asia, Australia, North America, South America, and Europe, most of this while taking a year out in 2013 to go backpacking.

Jessica Dubey

Customer Support Executive

Jessica is our Letflo support expert! She is also an avid writer, penning children’s books in her free time. She loves to travel, and has lived in China, teaching English while there.

Matt Fosberry

Software Developer

Matt spends his time educating us on American football, providing tips for ballroom dancing, and making Fixflo even better.  If you want to know the best restaurants or coolest board-game bar, he’s the one to ask.

Dominic Wells-Cole

Sales Executive

Dom has elevated office chat to an art, littering his language with what might be poetry, or riddles, or puns, while moving e-mail from a medium of words to a more visual form, communicating complex thoughts with well-curated images.

Rebecca Brandon

Software Developer

While most of the tech team focus solely on software, Becca has mastered tech offline and taught us some prime toaster tricks in the kitchen.  She also has a secret fitness philosophy, and she may give you some tips if you ask.

Dan Mckean-Tinker

Product Owner

Dan’s the man who makes sure the right things are happening, at the right time, in the right way for the Fixflo products. This is accomplished while listening to a soundtrack almost exclusively composed of songs about pirates.  Sea pirates, not internet ones–I made sure to ask.

Claudia Hanley

Office Administrator

Claudia brings order and awesomeness to the Fixflo office. She runs a tight ship and makes sure there’s enough fruit to keep us scurvy-free! She’s also the loving mother of a beautiful Boxer named Rumer.

Zahraa Valu

Junior Marketing Executive

Fixflo’s resident clothes lover Zahraa is never short of a coat, scarf or jumper or two! She manages all of our social media channels and is known to never stray more than 30cm away from her phone or laptop.

Thomas Desmoutier

Support Team Manager

Taekwondo practising Tom is a self-confessed nerd and loves anything sci-fi or fantasy. You can often find Tom training the office on how to converse fluently in French. Très impressive!

katie fixflo

Katie Buxton

In-House Counsel

Katie can always be relied upon to instil peace and harmony into the Fixflo office. Interestingly, Katie lived in Madrid for a whole year, so she is now classed as Fixflo’s resident Tapas expert.

alex fixflo

Alexandru Ciobotaru

Front End Developer

Our resident front end developer Alex is a web design wizard and in charge of making our Fixflo User Interface look and feel as smart and snazzy as possible.

Charles Bailly

Sales Executive

Charlie is the newest member of the sales team and loves to tell a joke or two. He is a fan of Japanese pottery, cooking and plan all of his holidays around food.

Alexander King

Head of Marketing

Our Head of Marketing Alex is passionate about tech marketing and music! Even though he is fuelled solely by caffeine, he loves to cycle in Europe and run marathons/ triathlons.

James Bennett

Business Development Executive

James is passionate about running and has completed two London marathons! He has also sung for the Queen and is related to the Tetley family.

Jacob Webb

Business Development Executive

Spurs fan Jacob has a keen interest in traveling and has hiked in many locations across the world. Having worked as an estate agent, he also likes to keep a close eye on the property market.


Ben Gallizzi

Content and Social Media Manager

With five years in agency-based content marketing behind him, Ben’s dedication to not going to the gym is matched only by his unbridled passion for the humble comma.


Alex Baxter

Business Development Executive

Alex is an avid collector of vinyl and dinosaur soft toys. He is passionate about playing the guitar and likes to travel around for live music.


Hudson Chapman

Chief Office Dog

Hudson is currently top dog at Fixflo.  He knows how to play it cool, shying away when you go in for a pet.  However, he turns up the charm when the food’s about.  He’s a canny master of persuasion, which possibly explains how he’s given coconut water instead of tap in his doggy bowl.